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Christmas Activities for Middle School & Elementary HomeSchool

As you may know, our family takes a long break between Thanksgiving & Christmas.  We didn’t work on formal academics. Instead, I tied our Advent & Christmas activities into our homeschool to inspire a love of learning.  Today, I’m sharing super-fun Christmas activities for middle school and elementary school.

If you’re still doing those workbooks, take a BREAK!  Your kids deserve it and so do you. Use a few of these Christmas activities next week.

Christmas activities for middle school, homeschool & elementary - writing, math, science, history, art, reading ...from

Christmas Writing Activities

  1. Helping write our annual Christmas letter
  2. Writing thank you notes for your gifts 
  3. Copywork – Copy Christmas carols, Luke 2 or Matthew 1, 12 Days of Christmas
    You can find this information in our Christmas Celebrations package.

Christmas Math Activities

  1. Baking cookies, bread, candies – measuring
  2. Selling pumpkin bread & chocolate chip cookies – business / profits
  3. Buying gifts for missionary families – budgeting
  4. Buying gifts for other family members – budgeting / making choices

Christmas History for Kids

  1. German Christmas – St. Nicholas, Boniface
  2. Swedish Christmas – St Lucia
  3. Mexican Christmas – Las Posadas
  4. Colonial Christmas – American Christmas, Revolutionary War at Winter

Christmas Science Activities

  1. Chemistry – Baking Christmas cookies, bread, candies
  2. Biology – Study trees
  3. Physical or Chemical Changes – Baking, cooking, cardmaking

Christmas Art Activities

Handmade Christmas Cards – color theory, patterns, design
  2. Family Photos – photography, design, color

Christmas Reading Activities

  1. Reading Christmas books independently – Variety of reading levels below
    Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    A Christmas Carol
    American Girl Christmas books
    Kirsten’s Surprise
    (St. Lucia)
    Molly’s Surprise (World War 2 Christmas)
    Addy’s Surprise (Civil War Christmas)
    Felicity’s Surprise (Colonial Christmas)
    Samantha’s Surprise (Victorian Christmas)
  2. Reading aloud Christmas books – Books that are good discussion starters:
    Jotham’s Journey
    Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    A Christmas Carol
    The Gift of the Magi
  3. Narrate &/or journal about books being read
  4. Copy sections of books being read

Christmas Music Activities

  1. Practicing Christmas carols on the piano
  2. Christmas caroling as a family

Which one of these Christmas activities for middle school will you use with your students?

.Question: How do you integrate Christmas into your middle school or homeschool? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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