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April Audio
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Secrets of Healthy Eating for Your Kids, an interview with Erica Johns

April Parenting Newsletter
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April Newsletter – Hot Sheet
My Healthy Eating Philosophy

April Newsletter – Recipes (Quick & Easy for Busy Moms)
Delicious Chicken Casserole

April Newsletter – Activities
Paper Bag Notebook
Easter Egg Hunts for Young and Old
Make Your Own Easter Garden
Throw An Egg-Citing Easter Party
Resurrection Eggs
Accident Proof Your Egg Decorating
Bible Readings for the Week of Easter
Holding the Perfect Easter Brunch 

April Newsletter – Articles
Spring Cleaning
Are Today’s Easter Symbols A Picture of Christianity?
Easter and Good Friday

April Newsletter – Memory Verse

Copy this verse on to an index card and place where you will see it every day. I have mine at the kitchen sink so I can review it when I’m doing the dishes. Encourage your kids to memorize this verse by practicing it together at breakfast each morning.

2 Corinthians 5:17
“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature ; the old things passed away ; behold, new things have come.”

April Celebrations Calendar
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April 1– Palm Sunday

Apr 1– April Fools Day!!! Let each child plan a joke to play on someone else in the family.
If you can’t think of any on your own then visit this site that has some great family and kid’s jokes:

Apr 6– Good Friday
Remember why we have this holiday and the sacrifice the Lord made for us: Luke 22-23

Apr 7– National Health Day AND No Housework Day!
Take the day off and don’t do any housework.
Instead, get outside and be active!

Apr 8– Easter Sunday
Make sure to remember the reason we celebrate Easter: Luke 24
Keep it fun for the kids and have Easter egg hunts! Don’t forget to check out the recipe section for a great
Sunday morning breakfast recipe on Easter.

Apr 11– Jackie Robinson was the 1st African-American to play in a major-league baseball game in 1947.
Have the kids complete this fun activity:

Apr 14– Titanic hits iceberg, 1912
The Titanic struck the iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, the ship collided with an iceberg causing
the ship to sink at 2:20 AM on April 15. If the kids are interested in this story you can visit this website:
With older kids you can have them watch “Titanic.”

Apr 15– Income Tax Day…make sure to get those taxes done.

Apr 18– Paul Revere’s Famous Ride, 1775. Read Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous poem:

Apr 19– American Revolutionary War begins in 1175.
See if the kids can answer questions about the 13 colonies:
Or label each colony:

Apr 26– Hug a Friend Day!

Apr 26– Take your daughter (or son) to work day! Take the kids with mom or dad to work…show them
what you do, they will love it.

Apr 27– Arbor Day
Build an Evergreen Tree:
Let the kids get outside and climb trees!

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