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Yesterday was a great workshop.  We had a great discussion after I presented information about Classical Education.  I’m sure next week will be even better. I hope you can join us.

charlotte mason & living books approach - free online homeschooling workshop from How to Homeschool My

Not sure what the Charlotte Mason approach is?

Join us on Thursday, May 23 (4pm EDT) to discover:

  • Who is Charlotte Mason
  • How Charlotte Mason avoids “dumbing down” homeschool
  • How to choose living books for your homeschool
  • How habits & virtue play a huge part of your Christian homeschooling
  • Christian perspective of a Charlotte Mason homeschool
  • How to use narration & notebooking in your homeschool
  • Importance of play & discovery
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of the Charlotte Mason Approach
  • Resourcesspecific to Charlotte Mason  & Living Books
    My Favorite Aspect of Charlotte MasonCharlotte Mason Homeschool - free online homeschooling workshop from How to Homeschool My

Charlotte Mason believed kids should be kids. Too often in America we want to rush them through childhood and brag how smart our kids are.  Mason’s overall view of educating kids takes a more relaxed perspective of homeschool, while offering high quality activities to teach our kids.

I’ll be sharing how to let your kids enjoy their childhood, while still receiving a superb education in a Charlotte Mason homeschool.

Reserve your seat below!

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I hope you can join us every Thursday afternoon…

Question: What are your thoughts about a Charlotte Mason homeschool? What questions might you have?

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charlotte mason & living books approach - free online homeschooling workshop from How to Homeschool My

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  1. I was unable to make it to the webinar. Is there anyway I could still view it? I’m very interested in hearing what was said! 🙂

    1. Katharine,
      Thanks so much for your interest in the webinar. My hope is to have all the recordings available mid-June, when the series ends. We are working on editing & publishing the recordings, as well as a new ebook that contains all the information from the 7 workshops.

      If you register for the workshop, you will be on the “first to know” list.

    1. Gina,
      Thanks for asking. We are working on the recordings & transcripts for ALL the workshops. Hope to have them available in a week or two. If you’d like to be notified when they are ready, just fill in your email for this workshop. Those who registered for any of the workshops will have first access to the recordings.

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