Is consistency a problem for you, too?

When my kids were young, growing Godly character was top priority. But, being consistent in my parenting and child training was difficult.

After all, we know consistency and following God’s Word is key to raising children.


We know consistency in character building will prepare your kids to be adults who think of others first.


We know if you use the Bible as a basis for that character, it will last a lifetime.


What I teach about Biblical perspective and Godly character could quite literally change your kids actions and attitudes. But it’s not from me… it’s what God taught me through His Word. If you’ve been on my workshops about parenting, I encourage you to always use the Bible as the basis for making decisions and interacting with your kids.


But how could I help you be more consistent with instilling character qualities in the simplest way possible?

So, I began creating tools to help you be more consistent in your parenting. One tool includes charts where you as the parent write in the consequence or reward. 


For example, obey or disobey; pride or humility, argue or peacemaker. You get the picture.


Take the guess work out of child training.


Print as many of these charts as you need in your own family. I even laminated mine.


And I’m creating more Following God Charts for our Character Training Tool Kit. Once you invest in the Character Training Tool Kit, you get lifetime updates.

And I’m creating more Following God Charts for our Character Training Tool Kit.


Why am I creating more charts for YOU?


This past week, moms shared with me what is most difficult:


– Sometimes I am at a loss on how to handle a situation, so I let it slide to the the back burner….. I need definite consequences for every wrongdoing.

 – It is hard to be consistent with my kids when I’m exhausted and don’t want drama, I will overlook something instead of doing the hard work.

 – Consistent with kids. It is hard to consistently enforce the rules

 – Definitely the kids. Their mood seems to impact my response so much

Do you ever feel like these moms?


If so, our Following God Charts & Character Training Tool Kit can help you stay consistent. That’s why I created them … to help you stay consistent, specifically consistent with God’s Word.


Not only will you receive our first Following God chart, you’ll receive our new charts:


Centered on our Words

Centered on our Actions


This will give you a wide variety of character issues and blessings you can use with your own kids.


I’ve given you a verse for each positive and negative action. All you need to do is write in your family’s reward or consequence. I’ll even email some ideas after you receive the charts.

Character Tool Kit Bonus Package

BONUS #1: If you prefer to learn by listening or watching, I have my video workshop, just for you: Achieving Peace through Consistency.

The video on being consistent was excellent! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. 


I am planning to share several ideas with my kids. The idea of a timer to check our thoughts was especially powerful. -Rita


My newest ebook, Teaching Good Manners: Teaching Tips for Busy Moms, will help you teach your kids manners.

Manners are not taught in a day or a night. They take time and repetition. In fact, they are a life skill that parents model. And, they take work. It is work, well worth it, if you persevere while your kids are at home.


When I picked up Hunter from a friend’s home, the mom told me that Hunter was the only one who thanked her for lunch. He also took his plate back.


How did that happen?


Our kids said “thank you” for meals. They took their plates to the sink after a meal. It was part of our life at home, so it was part of them when they were away from home.


Our family was not as intentional as I had wished in teaching manners. As you can see from this story, we did model “please” and “thank you” every single day. I told my kids thank you for all sorts of things. As a result, they followed my example and said “thank you” to others.

As I prepared for a Masterclass, it hit me:


Why don’t I bundle together my Character Training Tool Kit AND Character Mini Charts at a discounted bundle price? A truly no-strings attached option. All bundled together to make it easy to use for busy moms.


That means … in addition to the Following God Charts and Bonus Package (video class and Manner Tips ebook), you’ll also receive our new Character Mini-Charts … to help you stay consistent.


That also means … you’ll get $50 in Character Training resources, but you only pay $29.

Why & how would you use our Character Mini Charts?


Our Mini Charts are designed to help you focus one character quality at a time. This is especially helpful for younger children. Work on that quality for a few weeks, before you move on to another one.


I know there aren’t many willing to put their money where their mouth is like that … and offer you a hugely discounted special. But it feels like the best possible opportunity I could present to you to help you be more consistent in raising kids.


What does that involve?


Character Training
Tool Kit & Mini Chart BUNDLE

Instead of the retail price of $50, you get the entire Tool Kit AND all the Mini Charts for only $29, You will receive:

Instead of the retail price of $50, you get the entire Tool Kit AND all the mini charts for only $29. You will receive:

  • 3 Following God Charts (Consequences & Rewards from Biblical Perspective – $15)
  •  Mini Character Charts  ($15)
  • Achieving Peace through Consistency Video Class ($10)
  •  Teaching Good Manners: Teaching Tips for Busy Moms ebook ($10)
  • TOTAL Value $50,  Tool Kit Price $29

This product is digital. Nothing will be shipped to you in the mail.

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