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5 Simple Ways to Instill Being Grateful

Today, many kids seem to have everything. So, how do you instill being grateful? My husband and I married later in life after we had both achieved multiple degrees and established stable careers. By then, we were not only financially able but also rather anxious to start a family and raise a brood of kids!… Continue Reading

5 Fun Activities to Help Teach your Kids About the First Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for those who have made history for doing good, and the first Thanksgiving story is one such example! When I was in elementary school I remember our class dressing up as Pilgrims and Indians, and having a meal together in remembrance of the first Thanksgiving. It was so much fun I still remember… Continue Reading

How to Encourage Gratitude as a Parent

Parents work hard to instill good character in their children. They desire for their kids to be kind, generous, grateful and helpful. The manner in which you interact and communicate with your children has a significant impact on their character. Today let’s look at how to encourage gratitude as a parent. Parenting Strategies that encourage… Continue Reading

How to Give Thanks for Extended Family

How to Give Thanks for Extended Family

At Thanksgiving, our eyes are opened to how to give thanks to God for the way He has blessed us! Family and friends are usually at the top of our lists along with our amazing freedom and salvation in Christ. Often when we think of family, we think of those who live in our homes…. Continue Reading

Pilgrims & First Thanksgiving Activities

When it comes to teaching your kids about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, there are a lot of ways to approach it. Some choose to start with teaching about native people while others may start with the national holiday itself. If you’re looking for ways to teach your kids about this iconic moment in history,… Continue Reading

Gratefulness Begins with Mom

During the holidays we often turn our thoughts to being grateful. How do we instill gratefulness quality in our children? If we want our children to have a heart of thankfulness, then we need to realize that….. Gratitude begins with mom. If I want to teach my children to be thankful and show gratitude. First,… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Grow Grateful Hearts as a Family

5 Ways to Grow Grateful Hearts as a Family

Gratitude and thanksgiving are on our minds this time of year. Social media is filled with #30DaysofThanksgiving and #thankfulgratefulblessed.  But how do we cultivate truly grateful hearts in ourselves? In our kids?  How do we grow a sense of gratitude that endures beyond the holidays and transforms the way we live? Here are 5 seeds… Continue Reading

Practice Gratitude and Kindness with Teens

Practice Gratitude and Kindness with Teens

Are you looking for practical ways your teen can practice gratitude and kindness? I remember when my kids were little, and it was easy to get them to participate in volunteer work. They were excited to help others whether it was collecting non-perishables or handing them out. But getting teens to practice gratitude can be… Continue Reading

5 Fun Homeschool  Thanksgiving Activities

5 Fun Homeschool Thanksgiving Activities

If your children are anything like mine, they get SO excited about Thanksgiving because it means a big family party and lots of food! The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to spend quality time with your family while teaching them valuable lessons about what Thanksgiving stands for. Here are some fun homeschool Thanksgiving activities… Continue Reading

Gratitude Tree: Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition

Gratitude Tree: Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition

Do you have any new Thanksgiving traditions? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions, either in your family or in your homeschool?  If you are like me, we have more Christmas traditions rather than Thanksgiving traditions.  But a couple of years ago, I decided to change that! A Gratitude Tree I decided I wanted to do a Gratitude… Continue Reading