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Over the past few days, we’ve gotten many comments about a few topics that I want to address today:

  • doTERRA Essential Oils sound great, but they are too expensive.
  • Do I have to sell doTERRA products to get wholesale prices?

Let’s start with how expensive doTERRA essential oils are . . . 

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You’re right…doTERRA essential oils are more expensive than the health food store. But let’s think about this for a minute.

You get what you pay for…

If you use olive oil for health benefits, do you buy the cheaper olive oil? Or, do you pay a little more for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)? Most of us would say we use EVOO. It’s well worth the expense because the regular olive oil doesn’t have health benefits.

It’s the same with essential oils. I have a friend who participated on an expert panel about essential oils. When asked if you could ever find good essential oils at the health food store, the other experts immediately said, “no”. You just won’t find the quality of organic & reliable essential oils.

http://mydoterra.com/kerrybeck (click JOIN in top right corner)

From my own experience.

I was trying to treat Hunter’s wart with Tea Tree Oil. I bought my oil at the local health food store and it GREW. Yep, it got bigger. A decade later, I realize it was because the oil was inferior.  The essential oil I bought at my local health food store was not a pure quality essential oil, like doTERRA

I also know of a young woman whose skin burned after using an essential oil from the health food store. Ouch!

You can try less expensive oils, but they may not have the same effect. In the end, buying quality oils will save you money & time. You can be assured that you are getting certified pure grade oils.

  http://mydoterra.com/kerrybeck  (click JOIN in top right corner)

Let’s talk about medical bills…

When I go to the doctor, I pay $150-$250 for an office visit. If I can avoid one office visit by using the doTERRA Family Physicians Kit. I will save money in the long run.  The Family Physicians Kit is $150 ($34 off retail). After one treatment from my kit, I start saving money on doctor bills.

You may not pay that much money for an office visit. Let’s say you paid a $30 co-pay. You have 4 children and go to the office once a month with each child. That means you’re spending $120 each month on doctor’s visits. That doesn’t include medicines.

When you start using the doTERRA Family Physicians Kit ($150) & avoid more doctor visits, you immediately begin to recoup your investment. You can show your husband how you’re “saving” money on your medical budget.
http://mydoterra.com/kerrybeck (click JOIN in top right corner)

If it is still too expensive, you can still enroll for $35 and buy your oils at wholesale.
NOTE:..Question: What questions do you have about essential oils? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

PS.  Here are step-by-step instructions to get started.


Step-by-Step directions to investing in an enrollment kit & setting up your Loyalty Rewards Program.1. Go to http://mydoterra.com/kerrybeck
2.  Click “JOIN” (upper right) then choose your country & click “Begin Shopping”
3. Choose:  Wholesale Prices
4. Fill out Personal Info & click CONTINUE in lower right corner
5. Choose the Enrollment Kit that you want.

6. Enter your payment information.

7.  Since I can’t see the next slide, I assume you will set up your Loyalty Rewards.  If you are unsure what products to add to your order, I recommend: 1 Peppermint, 1 Lavender and 1 Lifelong Vitality Pack. That will give you over 100 points each month.  You can choose the date you want your order to process & ship in March.

NOTE:  Once you set up your account, I will help you choose your Loyalty Rewards product.  We will choose specific products that your family needs.  The important thing to do now is set it up so you can get the additional 100 points by ordering by Friday.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional, and none of the statements on this workshop have been evaluated by the FDA. The information in this workshop is presented for educational purposes only, and nothing here should be construed as diagnosing, treating, or preventing any illness or condition. As always, please exercise your own judgment and common sense.

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