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After one of our SHIP trippers shared her story about being raped as a high school student, I heard a unique comment.

We thought only bad things happened to us, here in El Salvador. We didn’t think bad things happened in the United States.


I was blown away. That moment is still etched in my mind.


We have many teenagers in El Salvador who struggle after being abused in one way or another. For this reason, we are hosting our first Teen Girls Retreat at the beach. The teens are super-excited and keep asking when it will be.  I’m excited because Carmen Maxwell is flying down to El Salvador to share her story with the girls.  Carmen experienced many of the situations our El Salvadoran teens have experienced.

Why am I sharing this with you?

When our kids were living at home, we wanted them to be involved with international missions.  Even though you can’t go to our Teen Retreat, you can participate from afar … and involve your kids in hands-on support of missions.

How can you be involved?

If you can’t take your kids on a family mission trip right now, you can still involve them in missions. Here are a few ways you can partner with SHIP and build relationships with one of the scholarship student

  1. Pray for the Teen Girls Retreat. It will be July 9-10.
    1. That the girls hearts will be soft towards God, choosing to follow Him in the future
    2. That the girls would grow spiritually
    3. That God would speak through Carmen
    4. That the girls will have fun. Most of them work hard, cooking, cleaning or doing laundry by hand. We want this to be a time of relaxation for them.
  2. Donate to the retreat. All teens will receive scholarships for the retreat.  Would you donate $25? $50? $100?
    Click here to make a donation.
  3. Raise money with your kids to donate to the retreat. It’s summertime, so why not let your kids make some money they can donate to the retreat? Your kids could:
    1. Sell homemade cookies
    2. Sell lemonade
    3. Walk the neighbor’s dog
    4. Babysit
    5. Mow lawns
  4. Share this post with your friends as a giveaway. I’m giving away 2 t-shirts that were used to raise support for the retreat.
  5. Pin this image so others come visit this post and learn of the need in El Salvador.

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.Question: How do you involve or teach your kids about missions? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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