It’s Back…for 3 days!

Build Your Bundle is back … for 3 days only!

Last May, I bought 6 different bundles (using the buy 2, get 1 free) for my granddaughters, for the kids I work with in El Salvador and for helping homeschool moms.

There’s time this weekend to look at all the bundles and decide what fits your budget and your homeschool.

I love seeing my granddaughter playing games from the Early Bundle #1. She loves matching and puzzles so this is right up her alley. She doesn’t even know she’s learning. That’s the beauty of instilling a love of learning in our kids at an early age.

Lots of fun activities, games & puzzles in the Early Learning Bundle of BYBOf course, little sister had to get a piece of the action, too.

If your kids are older, try the Themed Unit Bundle. Lots of fun unit studies for all ages and it’s in everyone’s budget at ONLY $10.

But what is best for your budget & your family?  Here are a few of my thoughts.

If you have a small budget and want your kids to love learning, get the Themed Unit Bundle.

If you want to use a literature based approach to homeschooling, get the Charlotte Mason Bundle.

If you need help instilling Godly character, get the Character Bundle or Brother-Sister Bundle.

If you need to get organized around your home & have a tight budget, get the Homemaking Bundle.

If you want your kids to have FUN while learning practical skills, get the Brother-Sister Bundle

The obvious ones are age level appropriate . . . here they are:

Toddlers & Preschoolers – Early Learning Bundle
Elementary Kids – Elementary Bundles
Secondary Kids – Upper Grades Bundles

To save even more money and stay within your budget, I highly recommend their Buy 2, Get 1 FREE offer. That’s what I did! I paid for two bundles and got one more for free. If you’re going to grab some bundles and save a bunch of money on high quality resources, be sure you don’t miss out this time.

And I have this really cool shopping printable to help you stay organized.

Click here to see all the bundles.

If you need help choosing the best bundles, I’m here to help you. I’ve been able to get some behind the scenes peeks at many of the resources. I also have this printable for you to get organized and help you stay within your budget.


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