Black Friday Sales from 4 Stores

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You don’t want to miss the sales from these 4 stores.  All of them have special Black Friday sales on Advent or Christmas items. Put Christ back in your Christmas with any of the following resources.

Black Friday Sale - Store #1

I’ll start with our own Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale.  All 3 of our Christmas ebooks receive a 50% discount through Cyber Monday, November 26.  What does that include?

Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study Guide


Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study
You’ll also receive our Skies of the Cross – Easter study





Christmas Celebrations: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (Individual Book)


christmas around the world unit study



Christmas Around the World Unit Study



Using these resources will save you lots of time & money. We’ve compiled all the information for you in one handy place.

Why wait until Black Friday to receive 50% discount. You can grab any or all of these books right now.  Just click on the title and place your order.

Black Friday Sale - Store #2

 Truth in the Tinsel has a 1-day special.  Buy Truth in the Tinsel and receive the printable ornaments for free.  Only on Friday, November 23.  Do not put the ornaments in your shopping cart.  After you purchase Truth in the Tinsel on Friday, November 23, you will receive an email with a link to the Printable Ornaments.truth in the tinsel

To receive this special, must use this link:

Wondering what Truth in the Tinsel is?

Truth in the Tinsel includes advent lessons for pre-readers, around ages 3-5.  Put Christ back in your Christmas with these easy advent lessons.  Click here to read more about it.

Black Friday Sale - Store #3

 I’m very excited about DaySpring’s sale.  You can place your order now…you don’t have to wait until Friday to save.

Use this link to see Day Spring’s biggest sale of the year:

Use 30Super to receive 30% off your entire order.

Anyone who uses the link above to order from DaySpring should email me, I have a free Advent lesson for you.  I will send it to you next week, AFTER Thanksgiving.  Email me at

My DaySpring order arrived this morning.  Look what I got to keep Christ in our Christmas:

names of christ table runner  names of christ advent calendar

We’ll be able to discuss the names of God from the Table Runner or the Advent Calendar.

Remember…send me an email saying you use this link to save 30% from your DaySpring order and I’ll send you a free Advent lessons.
(30% link:


Black Friday Sale - Store #4

What’s in the Bible? has excellent videos that teach real Biblical truths to children.  When you watch the, I bet you learn something new, too!  What’s in the Bible? has a sale that starts on Thanksgiving (November 22) and runs through Tuesday, November 27.  You can get $30 off the entire Old Testament video set.

To read what is included in the Old Testament videos, click on the coupon.


All 4 of these stores have resources to help you stay focused on what’s important this Advent & Christmas season.  I know you will find what will help your family the most…and save money with these Black Friday Sales

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could tell me where to find scriptures in the bible that talks about christmas? I can’t find that Jesus or Paul did this or taught this as a biblical reference or celebration. It appears that they were celebrating appointed times, created before man, ordained in genesis 1:14…The word “seasons”in hebrew is “moedim”…and these have been fulfilled and that is the calendar that they were using…more to dig out here. Do you know about this? Thank you, Rachael

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