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how to simplify your homeschool

Spring is awesome – the perfect time to get your home cleaned & organized.  Plus, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has some awesome resources to help me along the way. So much encouragement that I think I’ll actually get my spring cleaning done this year by following the strategies I found in the bundle.

The bundle is only available until April 27th & you won’t want to miss it. Wondering how it might help you?  Take a look here & let me know what your favorite parts are by leaving a comment below.


I also want you to know that I’ll be using any & all proceeds I receive from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle to help Shelter the Homeless send 23 children to a private, Christian school. As a way of saying thanks for supporting Shelter the Homeless, I’m giving some bonus items for anyone who invests in this bundle of resources.

BONUS ITEMS from me: Just email your receipt to me so we can be sure you used our link below to grab your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

  • 51 Ways to Organize Your Home
  • How to Get It All Done: 2 Golden Hours
  • Time Management for Homeschooling Moms
  • Cooking with Ground Beef (or Ground Turkey)
  • 470 Crockpot Recipes

NOW . . . let’s have some fun & enter to win one of our Homemaking giveaways!

Enter to Win our Coupon Organizer


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Enter to Win Essential Oils – Lemongrass uhb-giveaway-lemongrass   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to Win El Salvadoran Organic Coffee


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Enter to Win A Father’s Stew uhb-giveaway-fathers-stew a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to Win Approaches to Christian Homeschooling


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Enter to Win Girls, Get Up & Go (7 interviews for Work at Home Moms)  uhb-giveaway-girlsgetupgo a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to Win Black & Decker 8 cup Food Processor


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Remember you’ll get the 5 Homemaking resources (listed above) if you support my website by getting the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. And all profits are sent directly to Shelter the Homeless International Project BONUS ITEMS from me: Just email your receipt to me so we can be sure you used our link below to grab your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.


.Question: What do you need help with in homemaking? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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    1. That’s interesting. How do you do your financial planning from your bank account? Do you have a system? I’d love to hear more

    1. Yes, Leah. You left a blog post, but you need to open the raffle form and check off the entry about a blog post

    1. Marianne, I love essential oils. Recently, I used lavender when I burned myself 3 times in 30 minutes of cooking. I put ice on the burns. Then applied lavender oil every 15-30 minutes the rest of the day. Immediately, I didn’t feel pain and I don’t have a scar. I have lots of stories. If you want to know more, I can share a webinar I did about essential oils.

    1. You & me, both. I’m still looking for ways to encourage faith & character in my kids & grandkids. I love sharing what I find with homeschool moms, too.

  1. i need help with respecting, and loving my husband and be a kind, loving and gentle yet firm mother for my children.

    1. I think respecting husbands is an on-going issue for most wives. Just about the time I feel like I’m consistently being respectful, I say something very disrespectful. That’s when I turn to the Holy Spirit and ask forgiveness, as well as power to overcome my disrespect.

  2. Sometimes we forget why we are doing this! To God be the glory. This was a great reminder to me today. Thank you,

    1. It takes lots of sacrifice to take care of our families. I have to continually think of others, instead of myself

  3. I am not really looking to start a business. However, I want to be a caregiver until I can apply to be a paraprofessional at a new school that will be reopening. So how could I differ and stay away from working for a company? I want to make my own schedule.

  4. Honestly, the easiest way for me to make dinner is do all the prep work in the early afternoon so I can just throw it together.
    Or I use the crock pot!

    1. My biggest problem is knowing what to cook. When I have a meal planned, I’m ok. Otherwise, I can’t figure out what to cook. I love the crockpot. That’s why I”m giving away my 470 Crock Pot Recipe ebook to everyone who uses my link to get the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

    1. I used the envelope system when I was on a strict budget. I got money from the ATM every week and put in envelopes, based on categories. When the money was gone that week, I didn’t buy anything else. I also like some of the helps in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle because they are simple to understand & implement

  5. My best tip for meal prep and planning is to just have a plan! I spent so many years pursuing a perfect meal plan and then got bogged down. Don’t miss out on good enough in the pursuit of perfection.

    1. I was just talking to a young mom today and she said the same thing. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Good is good enough

  6. I’m going home Thursday after an 8 month stay with my sister and I will have to figure out a whole new routine.

  7. HI! when will winners be notified? looks like I won but i haven’t received an email. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out THX.

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