Bible Study Methods with Bible Journaling {Psalm 119}

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A couple months ago, I shared Bible journaling resources that I wanted to use as one of my Bible study methods.  Since then, I began a simple Bible journaling exercise as I read through the Psalms.  The past few weeks, I’ve read one paragraph of Psalm 119 each day.

My Bible Study Methods for Psalm 119

Although I’ve read Psalm 119 for years, this time was different. I took it slow & easy in my readings. I meditated on 8 verses each day. I used my markers to color up my verses.  This took critical thinking (so try it with your kids).

Purple was used to circle any word that refers to God’s Word (law, commandments, statutes, word, precepts and so on). Purple underlines describe God’s Word in that verse.

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Next I used, orange to circle references to me (I, my, me) and underline the corresponding action.  Blue was used for God’s actions. These might be actions God does or actions the psalmist is requesting (teach me your ways).  It was colorful by the time I finished yesterday.

About half-way through this study, I began writing the lesson God taught me each day.

It might be with a list of ideas about God’s Word.
Or maybe what I need to do with God’s Word – obey, delight in, meditate, cling to.

Even though I’ve known Psalm 119 was all about God’s Word, Bible journaling impressed upon me the truth of this fact.

God wants us to get to know Him. The best way to get to know Him is by reading His Word, the Bible.

Soooo …. what are you reading in your Bible right now?

If you can’t answer this question, I encourage you to start reading your Bible daily. Psalm 119 is an easy, gentle place to start.

Bottom line from my Psalm 119 study . . .  I need to read my Bible regularly, obey what it says, and delight in God.  It’s the BEST way to get to know my God. Sounds easy, but I know it can be difficult.

When to Read Your Bible

For me, reading my Bible first thing in the morning works best.  It allows me the rest of the day to meditate on what God is teaching me.  If I don’t do it first, it doesn’t get done.  Sad, I know.

I encourage you to find a time that you can grab 5-10 minutes alone to read your Bible. I know it’s difficult to read your Bible when you are homeschooling. However, if you can find 15 minutes to read Facebook by yourself, you should be able to find 5-10 minutes to read your Bible & “think” about what it says.

We all find time (even 5 minutes) to do what we want to do.

In reading Psalm 119, it took me about 3-5 minutes to journal as I read that 8 verse paragraph.  Then, I contemplated what God was saying and wrote down my conclusion. Sometimes, I simply used markers. Other times I used Illustrated Faith supplies such as stickers, washi tape or die-cuts.

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What I realized in Bible journaling is I am more interactive in my Bible reading. I really think about the words on the page. It utilizes both visual & kinesthetic activities.  Most of us learn more with hands-on activities, so why not use hands-on activities in learning who your God is.

Besides … Bible journaling is much more fun that an inductive study.  I’m a huge fan of inductive Bible studies.  I’ve done many, many inductive studies.

But Bible journaling can be a type of inductive study. Inductive Bible studies are those that use the Bible as the primary resource to study Scripture.  Bible journaling is the same thing. Using only God’s Word to learn more about Him.

How do you study the Bible best?

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how to simplify your homeschool
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