How to Choose the Best for YOUR Homeschool

how to simplify your homeschool

June is a great time to decide the best homeschool curriculum, books and other items you need for your upcoming year. But it can be overwhelming, with everyone telling you their curriculum is the best.

I remember laying out books and catalogs all over the floor, trying to decide which one is best for our homeschool. Can you relate? (Back then, we did not have the internet to watch videos or see samples)

I want to help you avoid my frustration with my “blueprint” to choose what is best for your homeschool . . . not your best friend’s homeschool, not your co-op friend’s homeschool . . . but YOUR homeschool. 

One size does NOT fit all!

That’s why I’m hosting our June Masterclass on Tuesday, June 22 to share my secrets and blueprint on how I chose the right books, resources and curriculum for our family.

best homeschool curriculum free class

Now . . . take a moment to reserve your seat for this outstanding free workshop. Or, read on if you’re still unsure.

To help me prepare, would you share what is the hardest part of finding what works well for your kids and your family?

How to Choose the BEST for YOUR Homeschool

June 22, 2021
You can choose which time slot is best for your schedule:

2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12noon MT / 11am PT
9pm ET / 8pm CT / 7pm MT / 6pm PT

You may watch the workshop at either of the time periods above – whenever it is convenient for you.

Who should watch this workshop?

  1. If you’re getting started with homeschooling, this workshop is definitely to help you choose the best homeschool curriculum for YOU!
  2. If you need help or always asking someone which curriculum, resource or class to use in your homeschool.
  3. If you’ve been homeschooling for awhile and don’t have a blueprint or formula for choosing your curriculum, classes or books, this is for you, too.
best homeschool curriculum free class

What will YOU discover?

I’ll be sharing tips that you can take and use immediately after the workshop!

  • How to get started homeschooling with the BEST homeschool curriculum for YOUR family
  • How to be focused on what will help YOUR kids the best
  • How to create an action plan for your homeschool that is BEST for You & YOUR family
  • How to be effective & stay on task
  • How to avoid overwhelm and burnout
  • How to manage your time so you are using your time wisely with your kids & family
  • How to create a blueprint to get out of your rut & guide you to the best resources for YOUR family
  • How to think outside the “box” of public school
  • How to hop off the treadmill & avoid the dangers of the conveyor belt 
  • How to follow God’s leading with your family, your kids, your homeschool
  • How to create goals for each child, based on their individual needs and strengths
  • How to be intentional in homeschooling your children with God’s focus for your family
  • How to follow a formula that offers an elite education possible for your kiddos.

BUT, most importantly…I’ll reveal my “blueprint” for choosing what works best for each individual family.

Not only will you discover my blueprint, you’ll hear with real life examples!

In case you may be wondering why you should join me on my “How to Choose the Best for YOUR Homeschool” online Masterclass Tuesday, let me assure you it is simply a complimentary class that you watch on your computer ….at no cost to you!

Your children deserve more, so take it a step further this year. Give them the best books, supplies, resources and curriculum so they receive a truly, remarkable education.

I have limited spots for this event. So it’s a sure bet this workshop will FILL completely. Choosing the best homeschool curriculum, classes, resources & books is definitely a concern for moms, so reserve your seat here right now:

how to simplify your homeschool
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      I’m sorry for the technical issues in registering. There is a registration form about half-way down and another at the end of the post. They each have a big red box to click after you enter your name & email. Every once in awhile our system has issues with one of the browsers. If you are still unable to see the registration boxes, please try using another browser by copying/pasting the url into another browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

  1. My biggest challenge with choosing the best curriculum for my homeschool is balancing what will work best with my kids and what will fit with my teaching style and abilities. I struggles with questioning if what I’m using is the best for my kiddos so I never have peace with it.

  2. My challenge is: There are so many fun things to do, I’m not sure what I will actually do though.

  3. My biggest challenge is choosing a curriculum that fits my daughter’s learning style and will keep her interest.

  4. I want to find an engaging curriculum for other struggling learners that doesn’t make it seem like they are learning things several grade levels behind family and friends.

  5. I tend to overload our children with tough subjects every year so that we’re spending way too many hours on textbooks every day and all burnout quickly..

  6. …And yet my oldest two are in 8th and 10th grades so I don’t know which time-consuming subjects to cut at this point.
    I’m much more comfortable with simplifying the younger ones’ school day.

  7. My biggest challenge is to be diciplined and to get my kids to sit down to do their studies.

  8. My issue is that for curriculum, you can pick, choose and refuse curriculum. I want to know that the curriculum that is picked if a good suit for my family. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed in choosing.

    1. Lisa,
      I think some of the questions I’ll suggest on Tuesday will help you make good decisions. But sometimes, it takes actually using the curriculum with your kids to find out completely.

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