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A hot topic on our facebook party Thursday night was essential oils.  I just started using them 2 years ago & love them.  Wish I had found them when my kids were younger. I could have saved a lot of time & money when my kids got sick.

I love them so much, I bought each of my kids a starter kit.

Did I waste my money?  Nope!

Each of my grown kids uses some of the oils in the kit. They even call me to find out which oil to use.  That’s one reason I’m creating an Essential Oil Uses Printable. I’m excited the oils are being helpful.

Best Essential Oil Uses {Weekend Links} from

As a homeschool mom, it would be a lot simpler & cheaper to treat a symptom at home and avoid the doctor’s office. That’s one reason I like the oils.  And the oils are a LOT cheaper than an office visit to the doctor.  I’m still using a small bottle of On Guard (almost everyday) since July. That’s 90 days & I still have oil in my 5mL bottle.

Today, I’m sharing the best essential oil uses.

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How Essential Oils Work {Best Essential Oil Uses Weekend Links} from

20 Uses for Lavender Oil {Best Essential Oil Uses Weekend Links} from

How Essential Oils Changed My Beauty Routine {Best Essential Oil Uses Weekend Links} from
I can’t wait to try some of these ideas
Sleepy Cream using Essential Oils {Best Essential Oil Uses Weekend Links} from
Another one I need to try

Essential Oils for Weight Loss {Best Essential Oil Uses Weekend Links} from

 I recommend using high quality essential oils. They may cost a little more, but will be more effective in treating the symptoms.  I’ve heard horror stories about essential oils from local health food stores burning people (ouch!).  When I bought an inexpensive tea tree oil for my son’s wart, it actually grew. Years later, I realized it was poor quality oil.  Where can you find better quality oils?  Click here for one resource.

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.Question: What are your favorite essential oil uses? Or, why might you be afraid to use essential oils? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I am interested in Essential Oils and knowing all I can about them but so many companies are out selling the same oils for such expensive prices that’s makes me concern when they are so vast in variety of costs and doesn’t seem necessary or is it because of Licensing and Guarantee’s on Their Product’s being Safe on their Skin and To Injest!?

    So How do Know what is Safe to Injest and Not Injest?!? I know Research what happens when you cannot find any research to the Contrary or Safety Standard of Our Own?!?

    What Next? Where do we get such a full list of what can be Injested and Not Injested? And Who are Best Companies to deal With? And The Worse ones to Avoid? The Ones Who Will Give Same Value of Essential Oils At lesser Costs Than Higher Brands? And Who Are the OutRagiously High Priced Essential Oils Company Out There Too?!?

    1. Kristina,
      I apologize for not replying earlier than this. We were on a mission trip when you posted your comment. I’ve asked Kerry to reply to this comment.
      Customer Care

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