Baseball Date Night {Marriage on Monday}

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Baseball playoffs are in full swing so I’m sharing photos from a fun date I planned for Steve a few years ago. If your hubby likes sports, he’ll enjoy this date. Put the kids to bed early and have fun together.

To be perfectly honest, I borrowed & tweaked this idea from Dating Divas.

Hardly any prep required.

  1. Print Invitation & Give to hubs
  2. Print & Cut out Trivia Game
  3. Get Baseball DVD
  4. Plan & Prepare baseball mealBaseball Date Night |

I left this invitation next to Steve’s computer the night before our date. The link to the free printable is here.

At first, he thought we were going to a baseball game. I’ve been known to buy sports tickets.┬á See my Christmas gift to Steve last year (here)

Baseball Date Night |

Baseball Date Night Meal:

Since Steve doesn’t like hot dogs, I made sausage wraps with Ranch Style beans and cheese on top. Very Simple: Wrap your favorite sausage links in a tortilla. I used homemade tortillas from HEB. Pour ranch beans and grated cheese on top. Heat in oven for 10ish minutes.

Add seasoned fries & avocado slices. We could only eat one wrap each.

Baseball Date Night Game:

Before we watched the movie, we played the Baseball Trivia Game. You can print it for free here

Baseball Date Night Movie:

What movie should you watch? At first, I planned to watch Moneyball because Steve loves that movie & we have it in our DVD collection. Then, I realized that neither of us had seen Trouble with the Curve. So we enjoyed a Clint Eastwood movie together.

You choose a baseball movie y’all would enjoy.

Baseball Date Night | HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comAfter the movie…I’ll leave this to your imagination. You can get directions here ­čÖé

Question: What fun date nights have you had lately? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Any movie suggestions are not endorsements of that movie.





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