Back to School for Moms

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It’s almost time to start homeschooling again and you can find lots of back to school ideas for the kiddos. How about back to school for moms when she homeschools?

back to school for moms

Since many of you mentioned “getting started” as one of your biggest challenges, I recorded a video just for you. Whether this is your first year getting started, or you have 20 years under your belt, siscover what I did to make back to school for moms much easier.

Get your spouse involved … leave the kids with him on Saturday morning so you can head to the coffee shop with all your curriculum.

If that does not work, trade babysitting with a friend. You watch her kids for an afternoon while she prepares for homeschool. Then, she watches your kids for an afternoon, so you can have time to get ready for homeschooling this year.

Get your kids involved … let them clean their desk or work area so you don’t need to do all the cleaning and organizing to get back to school.

back to school for moms

Back to School with My Own Mom

As I made my video, I had fond memories of my own back to school times with my mom. Every year, she would take each child out to lunch by themselves. With four kids in the family, it was rare to spend an entire afternoon, just with Mom. After lunch, we bought school supplies, or whatever we needed to start school.

I continued that tradition with my own kids. What a great time of bonding with each child, each school year. What do you do to bond with your kids?

If you’re looking for fun back to school ideas … or first day of school ideas, grab our Back to School Traditions for Homeschoolers. It’s free for the next couple weeks.

back to school ideas & traditions for homeschoolers

What back to school ideas for moms do you have that might encourage other homeschoolers?

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