Art Projects for Kids

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If you’re stuck (or staying) at home, these art projects for kids might be just the thing for you to do. My granddaughters made the first art activity. I added others to make a mini-art unit study for your homeschool.

art projects for kids

All you need for this abstract art project is painters tape and sidewalk chalk.

  1. Use the painters tape to make a large rectangle on your fence.
  2. Put strips of tape in all directions to create many spaces to color.
  3. Let your kids color each space a different color.
  4. When they are done, let the kids pull off the tape.
  5. Voila! An abstract art masterpiece
art projects for kids

If you want to continue abstract art projects for kids, try the following art activities for kids. When combined, they become our Art Mini Unit & encourage a love of learning in your kids.

  • Read The Noisy Paint Box
  • Discuss your 5 senses.
    • Kandinsky had a rare condition called synesthesia. Those with this disease sensed things differently. They may hear numbers, see tastes or smell colors.
  • Try one of these art activities:
    • Play music. Paint or color to the music.
    • Take a nature walk. When you return, paint or color what you smelled or heard.
  • Read The Honeybee Man
  • Listen to the Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Try this art activity.
    • As your kids listen, let them draw on white card stock, with a black pen what they hear.
    • They may not lift their pen from the paper for at least 1 1/2 minutes
    • Color the spaces
    • Cut out each abtract art project from your kids and mount it on colored card stock.
art projects for kids


Fine Art
Read any of the Art for Children books, by Ernest Raboff. Modern artists, like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse are included in this terrific series for kids.

Art for Children is my favorite art book series for children. Each book has large images of the artist’s work, along with a simple description.

You can simply open the book and read one page to your kids. Then, talk about the art work on that page. Each day, read & discuss one art masterpiece. It’s super-simple and an easy way to expose your children to fine art.

If you can’t find the books to buy, since they are out of print, be sure to check your local library.

What other activities do you have for your kids to do at home? How about encouraging art on your fence for all your neighbors to see.

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