Art Projects for Children {Guest Post}

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Today I have guest blogger, Ashley Hill, sharing some terrific summer art projects for children.

Art Projects for Children

Art is important to our family as an expression of worship. God is a creative God, and since we are made in His image we can use creativity as a way to honor Him. And summer is a terrific time for extended art projects. I encourage you to spend some time this summer creating art with your children that honors our Creator. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


I love this Hundertwasser flowers project by Do Art! This project uses several different media, which gives you opportunity to discuss with your children the various characteristics God gives us and how they all fit together to make us unique.


My children LOVE color, and lots of it. Hearts are easy to paint and easy to use for a discussion about what real love looks like (reference 1 Corinthians 13). All you would need for this project is paper, paint, and brushes. You could even add your favorite Bible verse about love at the bottom with a Sharpie marker.


This is another fabulous project from Do Art! I love self portraits for discussing how we are made in God’s image. This easy project uses watercolor paper, tissue paper, brushes, water, and dark crayons. There aren’t many abstract art lessons for children, and this is a great example of Paul Klee’s work.


Art Projects for Kids is a fabulous resource for children’s art lessons. Kathy Barbro is an elementary art teacher who has designed hundreds of lessons that are accessible on her blog. This mandala is a creative use for an old CD. A mandala is an abstract image that involves repeated patterns. It’s a great way to bring math and patterns into your art lessons.

Gods Child Art Project

Our “I Am God’s Child” art project is a great way to teach children that they are children of the Most High God. The child will choose various traits or characteristics that God has given them. Children must ponder the gifts and interests they’ve been blessed with. This project calls for a little parental help in taking and printing the child’s photo, but the rest can be done by the child. We completed this project in about 30 minutes.

Rainbow Title

My daughter attended a terrific art day camp this summer, and this project was one of her favorites. It uses bottle caps to make a rainbow, all while teaching children about God’s promises. You’ll need a piece of wood, paint, bottle caps (can be purchased from the craft store), nails, and ribbon. Detailed instructions are found here.

For more art project ideas from The Hill Hangout, please click here or here.

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