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  • Christian Homeschooling Free Online Workshops from How to Homeschool My Child.comAre you looking for the best way to give your kids a Christian education?
  • Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing curriculum?
  • Do you buy the same “stuff” each year just because you used it last year?
  • Not sure what is best for your kids?
  • Not sure what is best for you to teach?

Join our free online homeschooling workshop series.  Hear Kerry Beck use Christian principles for selecting the right approach for your child. We will discuss how Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unit Studies, Principle and Leadership Approaches have advantages in different subjects at different stages of your child’s development.

And best of all, we will share how you can give your kids Christian & character education with each approach.

Realize that no single approach to home schooling works for all ages and all subjects.

Each week we will delve deeply into one of the approaches to homeschooling. Come with your questions because each workshop ends with Q&A for the live attendees.

The live workshops are free to attend.  All you have to do is register below & we’ll send you links to the weekly online workshops.  All workshops are at 4pm EASTERN

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing problems with our form. You might get an error after you register, however, you should still be signed up for the workshop. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to get this straightened out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Phone number is only for a reminder text message 30 minutes before the workshop. No marketing calls or texts will be made.


NOTE: If you use Chrome, please read…You will still be registered for this workshop, even if you receive a malware notice. We have contacted our web form developer, our webmaster  and tech support, who all say we have no malware. They are working on this matter and we hope to clear up this matter soon.

Here’s our schedule:

  • May 9 – Overview of Homeschooling & Traditional Textbook Approach
  • May 16 – Classical Approach
  • May 23 – Charlotte Mason / Living Books Approach
  • May 30 – Unit Studies Approach
  • June 6 – Principle / Biblical Worldview Approach
  • June 13 – Unschooling / Resource Rich Environment Approach
  • June 20 – Christian Leadership Approach

Kerry will help you identify your OWN definition of what an educated person is as you make individual goals for each of your children! She recognizes that each family situation is different and has unique strengths, weaknesses and abilities and guides us into recognizing what is best for our family!

Utilizing her experience as a homeschool mom, and having a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Kerry brings a unique perspective to evaluating the overwhelming choices available to home schoolers.

The beauty of these interactive workshops is that after a discussion of each approach, there is room for recording which of our individual goals may be best met by that approach.

What Others Say About Past Presentations

Kerry provides information RICH in resources. At the end of each discussion of approaches, is a “resource list” for more information on that approach. She leads you through the myriad of home-schooling approaches and helps YOU to set goals and determine the approach that will work best in your unique family situation!
~~Deanne Crawford, TEACH Magazine~~

I hope you can join us every Thursday afternoon…

Question: What questions do you have as you decide which approach is best for your homeschool?
What questions do you have about a Biblical education?

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  1. This is the second workshop I’ve tried to register for that I’ve encountered trouble. Last time there was no place on the registration page that came up for me to enter my information. This time when I click register I am alerted that a malware is on the page and could ruin my computer if I continue. Can you please add me to the list for these workshops without me filling out the registration form? Thank you.

    1. Kathryn,
      I am so sorry you have had problems. Your input will help us improve registration in the future. I checked our list and you are already registered for this workshop. You should receive a couple emails this week as reminders. If you don’t receive them, please let me know.

  2. I may not be able to attend the workshops..(due to the 4pm time..) Will this set of workshops be available to see after the set live date??

    1. Rachel…Thanks for asking.

      We will record the workshops so they will be available to see after the live date. However, we will make them available after the entire series, as part of an Approaches to Christian Homeschooling package. We chose the 4pm time so we wouldn’t interfere with family time … on several nights of the week. We have a few other workshops on the next 2 Tuesday nights.

      1. I was so excited to see the descriptions of your videos as they are exactly what I’m looking for. I’m registered but just in case I can’t watch since my hubby won’t be home to take care of the kids, I’m happy to hear you’re recording them! Do you know yet what the cost will be for the Approaches to Christian Homeschooling package? I’m really looking forward to the videos. Thanks!

        1. We have not determined a price, but we know most homeschoolers live on one income. So, we will make it as affordable as possible. If you have any questions you want covered, please let me know.

  3. Shalom, I too hit the malware screen when trying to register. Would you mind checking to see if I got registered as well? I would be registered under Kim Banks with a blckrose gmail address. I may not be able to make those times, but I’d like to be registered just in case I can catch one or two. Thank you and be blessed!~

    Surrendered to Him~

      1. Glad you got the confirmation box. I’m looking into the problem. I don’t know why the malware is popping up with registration

  4. I also popped up the malware notice when trying to register. I was using google chrome switched to internet explorer and worked fine. Just an FYI.

    1. You are still registered. My sincere apologies. My webmaster assures me that our site does not contain malware. The workshop will be on gotowebinar’s site, so there shouldn’t be any problems. I hope you can join us.

    1. You are still registered. My sincere apologies. My webmaster assures me that our site does not contain malware. The workshop will be on gotowebinar’s site, so there shouldn’t be any problems. I hope you can join us. We are working on this problem

  5. I see that many people got the same malware message I rec’d. I would like to be registered for the workshops as well. Can I get a confirmation on that? I may not be able to attend all of them but a few I know I want to hear!

    1. Dee, My sincere apologies about the malware problem. I was emailing my tech staff a few minutes ago to see where we stood. I have no idea why this is happening b/c it hasn’t happened in the past. You are registered for the workshops. Hope you can make it to some of them.

  6. I’m interested in the material you’re presenting, but I’ve already missed the first one, and I won’t be able to carve that time out as it is end of nap time for kids and husband getting home time. Would you be able to send me an e-mail when the entire series is available?

    1. I will have Heidi make a note to contact you. If you have any questions you want covered, please let me know.

  7. Hi, I just found out about your site. It looks very interesting! Probably a couple hours too late for todays session, but the upcoming ones look even more interesting. Howver I get this message–

    Danger: Malware Ahead!
    Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on http://www.stephenbecklive.com.
    Content from infusionpros.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.
    Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion.

    Could you register me, as well? Thank you!

    1. You are already registered. We are working with our webform developer, webmaster & tech support on this matter. They all say we have no malware. Only Chrome shows this notice. We hope to clear it up very soon. Our apologies for any inconvenience

  8. I attended the first two workshops – do I need to register and RSVP for each one? I am looking forward to the upcoming presentation. I haven’t received an e-mail about it yet. Thank you!

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