Approaches to Christian Homeschooling Launch – Affiliate Help

Next Wednesday, my paperback (Approaches to Christian Homeschooling) launches on Amazon.  You have the opportunity to make a sales commission through Amazon. And you can win cash with our 2 contests. Let me give you more info about each.


At the bottom of this email, I’ve included copy that you can use as a blog post or in an email blast.  It tells about the $165 bonus resources I’m giving to everyone who buys my Approaches paperback by Sat, July 18th.  Be sure to use your amazon affiliate link so you get commissions for any sales you make.


I’m having a contest & giving away $25 for:

1. Person who sends the most traffic to the book on Amazon
2. Person who has most sales on Amazon

So, use your amazon affiliate link when you spread the news about Approaches to Christian Homeschooling launch on July 15th. The contest will run July 13-18, 2015.  Go ahead & schedule your email blast, social media & blog posts.

I’ve also included banners (below) for you to share on your website, blog, Facebook, pinterest, and so on. Be sure to hyperlink the banner to your amazon affiliate link.

Amazon Affiliate
You can sign up for an Amazon affiliate account here.

Once you log into your account,

  1. Get your affiliate link by typing “Approaches to Christian Homeschooling” in the ‘Search for Product’ bar
  2. It should be one of the first books
  3. Click ‘Get Link” to the left & you’ll have your affiliate link.

If you need anything else, please let me know.

And . . . THANKS so much for your support with my first paperback launch.



subject line: Get $160 Homeschool Bonuses this week

Need help planning your homeschool ???


Hi FIRST NAME! (if sending eblast)

Recently, I received a new paperback book for homeschoolers that I’m excited to share with you.  It’s called Approaches to Christian Homeschooling and gives you an overview of all seven approaches to homeschool your kids. Here’s what homeschool moms have to say about the book:

A well written guide that leads you through the myriad of home-schooling approaches and helps YOU to set goals and determine the approach that will work best in your unique family situation!
~Deanne Crawford, TEACH Magazine~

This is great for all homeschoolers, especially new homeschoolers but for all homeschoolers to get a better sense of the different styles. On the whole I think we all take different aspects of each style and blend them all and use the techniques that work best for our own unique children and families.
~ Sheila Knox, Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling should be customized. I often find myself comparing and being afraid that I am not doing things “right”. I love the information about Christian homeschooling and really honed into the words Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
~ Heather Nations, Homeschool Mom

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling launches Wednesday, July 15th on Amazon. If you grab a copy before Saturday, July 18th with this link (YOUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK), you can get $160 in bonus resources. Here are the bonus resources:

7 Video Workshops (retail $70)

  • Overview & Textbook Approaches
  • Classical Approach
  • Charlotte Mason Approach
  • Unit Studies Approach
  • Biblical Principle & Notebooking Approach
  • Unschooling/Resource-Rich & Lapbooking Approach
  • Leadership Approach

7 Transcripts (retail $35)

  • Overview of Approaches
  • Classical Approach
  • Charlotte Mason Approach
  • Unit Studies Approach
  • Biblical Principle & Notebooking Approach
  • Unschooling/Resource-Rich & Lapbooking Approach
  • Leadership Approach

Resource Guide for all 7 approaches (with clickable links) ($15.00)

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling ebook (retail $27)

Extra Resources to help with all of these approaches:

Best Books of All Times (retail $6.50)
Classics Book List for Children & Adults  (retail $6.50)
Time Management for Homeschool Moms (retail $5.00)

All you have to do to claim your bonus resources is send your receipt to kerry – at – Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your bonuses.

If you’re a newbie to homeschooling, this book will help you avoid making mistakes your first year.

If you’re an experienced homeschooler, you’ll be encouraged & find some new ideas for your upcoming homeschool year.

What are you waiting for?

Go get your copy of Approaches to Christian Homeschooling ($165 bonuses) right now by clicking here (hyperlink to YOUR AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK)


ps.  Remember you have until Saturday, July 18th to claim your bonus items.




ebook cover 600×695
720×134 bonuses with date


720×134 bonuses