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Anniversary Sale on History & Geography Games

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary!

Can you believe it?  I’ve been married for 28 years to my handsome husband.

I have to brag on him because he sang at 2 restaurants this past week. Both were spur of the moment and he filled in during the regular act’s break.  Steve had a blast.

He’s wanted to sing at coffee houses for awhile, but hasn’t pursued it. This week, God laid it in his lap. I look forward to watching God give Steve fun times like this.

anniversary sale on history & geography games 28% off | HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comFor our anniversary, Steve planned a trip to Fredricksburg. As you read this blog post, we’ll be relaxing in a hammock or strolling the streets of Fredricksburg for a good find.  I’ll keep you posted if I find anything.

In honor of our anniversary, we’re having a 28th Anniversary Sale on our history & geography games.  You get 28% off all our games!

Most of the games retail for $18.95 but you can grab them for $13.64.  Our sale runs through this weekend until July 4th, 2013.

history & geography games
You can see the complete listing of games here:  History & Geography Games

Why did I choose games to discount?

A few weeks ago Dr. Linda shared with us the importance of making learning fun.  That our kids retain more information when they are playing, specifically playing games.

From my own experience, we learned more about World War II battles by playing the World War II Game than any other learning strategy.  We first learned the location of the battle. Then, we learned who won the battle and other pertinent information.

If you already hear, “Mom, I’m bored this summer”, grab a game on sale and have fun learning.

We have a limited supply of games. If we run out of a particular game, that will be the end of the sale for that game.  

NOTE: Discounted price will show up in shopping cart.
Go ahead and add your game to the cart. Then, you’ll see the 28% discount.

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