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Trying to work with a 1-week old baby is really difficult. The last 2 emails I’ve sent have taken all day, with stops & starts along the way. You know what I mean. But you can see I’m in heaven.

I’m helping with my new granddaughter as they get settled into a new family life with a baby. It’s terrific!

Now that the school year is almost over, you may be wondering how to improve your next homeschool year. This is the perfect time to evaluate & plan for next year.

So, I’m hosting a facebook party to discuss your biggest questions & challenges in homeschooling. You’ll have the power of a group to get answers from many experienced homeschoolers. We will all help each other. I love it!

I want to be Your Tour Guide through the routes of homeschooling, as we discuss

  • Planning & Organization – to not be overwhelmed
  • Science & Math
  • Best methods to homeschool
  • Using unit studies
  • What to do with different ages – preschool, elementary, upper grades
  • And YOUR questions, issues

I need YOUR HELP. Leave a comment & let me know your biggest challenge as you prepare for next year. I want this facebook party to HELP YOU!

Mark your calendars for tomorrow …

Friday, May 17
4pm EDT 3pm CDT / 2pm MDT / 1pm PDT.

We’ll meet on How to Homeschool My Child Facebook page. If you want me to send a reminder, click here and mark “Going”. You’ll get an automatic reminder!

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