Advent Traditions with Kids

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Growing up myself, we did not celebrate Advent. But with my kids, we began to have Advent traditions. Now that I have grandkids, it’s fun to see how my daughters are passing on similar Advent traditions they are continuing.

advent traditions

It’s a shame that many Protestant families have taken out so much liturgy in our churches and families. Our Advent family traditions are really a form of liturgy. Ours are based on family’s beliefs. Take a look at what our Advent traditions that we used to help focus on Jesus and prepare our hearts for celebrating Christ’s birth.

Advent Books

Our favorite advent book was Jotham’s Journey. We read the other two books in the trilogy, but didn’t like the political correctness or the forced message in them. We LOVED Jotham’s Journey. Perfect to read each night of advent.

Other books we enjoyed reading at Advent include: The Best Christmas Pageant EverOne Wintry Night (especially younger ages) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (great message to young kids)

Advent Calendars

My mom made me a fabric, wall-size advent calendar that I still use.  It’s fun to move the bear around the house. You can also add your own advent ideas on each day by pinning an activity on the daily comment.

We’ve had several advent calendars over the years that my kids have enjoyed. Hunter bought the one we use now, seen in the video.

Advent Readings

At our breakfast devotions, we read Scripture specific to advent. If you are looking for an Advent Reading schedule, we include one in our Christmas Celebrations.

advent traditions

Advent Wreath

We “tried” to remember and light the candles in the wreath on the appropriate days.  As we read Jotham’s Journey at night, I tried to light the right advent wreath candles. I wished we had spent more time talking about the meaning of each candle in the Advent wreath.

That’s one reason I’m sharing Daily Advent Bible Verses in our private Facebook group. If you want to get those verses, join our group here. Find the popular post topics in the right sidebar and choose Advent verses.

advent traditions

Nativity Sets

I have our set that Steve grew up with, which is similar to the one my family had from TG&Y. It is not for kids’ hands.

I highly encourage you to have nativity sets that are child-friendly. My kids played with a stuffed Nativity set and plastic figures. My grandkids all play with the Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story. They will easily spend time playing with Mary, Joseph, Jesus or Shepherds for an hour. Or, make one of our candy natitivity sets as Christmas service ideas

For more ways to prepare your heart & your kids’ hearts for Christmas, use our FREE Advent Calendar Countdown. You’ll get 25 daily email ideas when you sign up below.

What Advent traditions does your family have?

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