Activities for Your Easter Celebration

Easter is an awesome day of celebration. When else will you celebrate that Jesus conquered death and sin?  Jesus has victory over death, so we should have prepare our kids with activities leading up to your Easter celebration.

Easter celebration

On Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch, I shared Easter ideas from our family … ones we did with our kids.  Watch the video to get your own Easter activities.

I mentioned several ideas in the video. Click on any image or text links to get all the details for each Easter activity for kids. Most of the resources below are entirely free. Be sure to sign up for your free Bible reading plan below.

Easter Bible verses with Free Bible Reading Plan for Passion Week

Read the Bible during Passion Week with our Bible Reading Schedule

Also includes Stations of the Cross for Protestants

Make your own Resurrection eggs for Easter celebration

Or if you want to buy a set of Resurrection Eggs, click here.

Resurrection Rolls for your Easter snacks & Easter celebration with kids

And I forgot to share this very simple Easter snack for kids. Just spread strawberry frosting on graham crackers. Add candy in the shape of a cross. We used jelly beans because they were inexpensive, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Easter celebration with simple Easter snacks

What activities does your family do to prepare for your Easter celebration? I’d love to hear about it.

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