About Kerry

I’m Kerry Beck, your hostess at How to Homeschool My Child.  I share the lessons I’ve learned in homeschooling and fun ways you can get your kids to “love learning”. I invite some of my homeschool friends to join me to encourage you at whatever stage you are right now through our Podcast, Homeschool Coffee Break and our 2 annual events, Homeschool Super Heroes Week each July and Life Skills Leadership Summit each February.

After 10 years of homeschooling (my kids have graduated), I enjoy meeting with moms to encourage them in raising their children to lead and influence for Jesus Christ, as well as practical tips to encourage kids to love learning for a lifetime.  My flagship course is Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education where we help make your life simpler by integrating our ideas into what you already do in your homeschool…not adding more to your “ever-growing” to-do list.

Sit back and let us help YOU . . . as you give your kids the best education, a superb, Christian education . . . where they will love learning, be able to think critically & Biblically and make wise decisions.

Our first year of homeschooling didn’t go well because I was trying to keep up with the public school system. My younger son wanted to homeschool and my reaction was, “I did it for one year. I think, maybe, I could do it another year. It can’t get worse.” I wasn’t fully on board because our first year did not go well.

I started researching homeschooling and came across your course. It was a God thing. When I found you, I thought, “This is the lady I want to follow.” I learned from Kerry that education isn’t fully about academics. It’s about God and putting Him first as I fulfill God’s purpose for my life and my children’s lives. The more I saw of what Kerry taught, I thought, “YES! This is what I want to do. If I’m going to homeschool, this is what I want it to look like.”

Through Kerry’s leadership courses, I went from not wanting to homeschool again to having a model that actually works for my kids and me. She gave me the purpose, content and encouragement I needed to move forward with a homeschool that is effective.

Angie Bartos, Homeschool Mom

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