A Father’s Stew: Biblical Intergration of Family, Work, Ministry {HSHW Giveaway}

how to simplify your homeschool

Today & tomorrow you will hear our Homeschool Super Heroes share the importance of walking with God in your life & your homeschool. As parents we need to depend on God to parent and model our walk with God for our kids.  I’ve written a post about family discipleship, if you want some ideas right now.

Homeschool Super Hero - Kelli Becton | HomeschoolSuperHeroes.com


This afternoon, Kelli Becton, of Homeschooling Adventurez, will share how she connects with each of her children to raise them to Godliness.  It’s certainly not easy, so you must trust God!  Kelli will also share ideas about homeschooling boys, field trips & learning adventures to make homeschool fun.  Listen between 4 & 6pm EASTERN.

Homeschool Super Hero - Stephen Beck | HomeschoolSuperHeroes.comThis evening, my hubby will talk about family mission trips. Involving our kids in service is definitely a part of family discipleship, so we chose to take all our kids on family mission trips.  Stephen Beck, of FamilyEbiz shares our family mission trip stories, as well as how you can pay for mission trips & how dads can take time off work.  His interview airs from 8pm to 10pm EASTERN.

A Fathers Stew by Stephen Beck | FathersStew.com.

Today we are giving away a copy of A Father’s Stew: Biblical Integration of Family, Work, Ministry.  It’s so easy to compartmentalize our lives. Family here. Work here. Ministry & Church here. But God calls us to blend all of these together. That’s family discipleship.  And Steve shares from a dad’s perspective in his book.

What have you learned from our Homeschool Super Heroes? You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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how to simplify your homeschool
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