6 Christmas Writing Activities

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If you’ve listened to my Christmas workshop or read my blog, you know I firmly believe in taking a break from homeschool during Advent.  We all need a break to refresh ourselves, so take a break between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Not a break from learning…that’s an everyday event. But, at least take a break from your traditional, workbook-type academics.

Christmas writing activities

I’ve encouraged moms to integrate homeschool into their everyday lives as they celebrate Advent & Christmas.  Here are 6 Christmas writing activities.

Choose one to do with your kids this year.  Please don’t try to have your kids do all these Christmas writing activities.

  1. Write a story about Joseph & Mary’s journey to Bethlehem.  Use Unit 3 of Teaching Writing Structure & Style as a resource for story writing.
  2. Read the story of Las Posadas, a Christmas tradition in Mexico.  Ask your kids to write one paragraph about their favorite family tradition.  Be sure to include a topic & clincher sentence.  In the body of the paragraph, explain why that is your favorite family tradition.
  3. Read the story of the poinsetta.  Rewrite it in your own words.
  4. Research how to make a piñata or other Christmas decoration.  Write a “how-to” paragraph on making your favorite Christmas decoration.
  5. Write a story about St. Lucia. Use Unit 3 of Teaching Writing Structure & Style as a resource for story writing.
  6. Brainstorm your family’s favorite holiday foods.  Ask each child to write a short paragraph about their personal favorite.

Christmas writing prompts & activitiesChristmas writing prompts can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your purpose of writing with your students. We recommend any of these suggestions.

  • Daily Journaling
  • Fun Jar of Writing
  • Formal Writing Lesson

I’ve combined many Christmas writing prompts into our newest holiday writing ebook, Christmas Writing Prompts.

Through Christmas, you can get it right now, right here.

Christmas Writing Activities

Which Christmas writing activity will your kids complete this year?

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Question: What other Christmas writing activities do you use in your homeschool?
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