5 Strategies to Encourage a Love for Learning {Free Back to School Workshops}

how to simplify your homeschool

For many homeschool families, it’s back to school time. You’re gearing up for a new year, brushing off that curriculum and making plans for your kids’ education,  hoping to motivate your kids to have a love for learning.

Are you struggling to help your kids be successful & confident writers?
Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning?
Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime?

I used 5 simple strategies in her homeschool to give my kids a love of learning, as well as the tools of learning. I want to invite you to join me as I share these 5 strategies on a free Back to School Workshop.

Discover how to give your kids a love for learning on our free workshop



5 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
11:00am / 3:00pm / 9:00pm (Eastern)

Come discover these simple techniques you can use every day in your homeschool.

  • 7 Tools of Learning for a Lifetime
  • An easy technique Dad & Mom can do daily to encourage love for learning
  • Which approaches to homeschooling encourage love of learning
  • How even picture books encourage love for learning
  • How to use Math Story Books in your homeschool
  • How much choice your kids should have in homeschooling
  • Simple & fun games to inspire a love of learning
  • Secret to Success for homeschool moms to encourage love for learning
  • Bonus Strategy to get started on the right foot & love learning this year

Thank you, Mrs. Beck! I loved it and I really appreciate all your godly wisdom and great advice! I love how you encourage younger moms to relax, trust God, be the kind of person we want our kids to be, follow our husbands, and read to our kids! You blessed me so much!
– Katherine George

You’ll have 3 times to attend this workshop. I know the information will be valuable, so go ahead & grab your seat right now.

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.Question: In what area of homeschooling is it hardest to encourage a love for learning? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. My kids HATE writing. I don’t know why, since I love it and feel like at least 2/3 of them could be excellent writers. So my main obstacle is getting them to actually enjoy the writing process, as I do. Thank you for the workshop!

    1. I completely understand. My kids went kicking & screaming 20 years ago to their first writing workshop. It completely changed their attitude. I hope my Writing workshop gives some practical tips to inspire your kids to write and help their attitude

  2. The kids I homeschool hate writing because they struggle with it. I try to make it fun and give them as much choice as possible but they both hate writing time.

  3. I think our biggest struggles are consistency (ooops, that a ME problem), “leadership” qualities (read that to say my daughter wants to be in control, ALL THE TIME….so exhausting to have to think 3 steps ahead so she can have some control) and just plain old focus.

  4. Obstacle to teaching writing- dyslexia! My 10 and 11 yr olds are just now starting to crack the reading code and their spelling and writing are very labored, so it’s difficult to focus on composing anything. Up till now it’s just been copywork.

    1. Louise,
      I’ve had several moms share their challenge with learning disabilities. I hope to have a workshop this fall specifically about learning disabilities, including dyslexia.

  5. We’re just getting started so not sure what our struggles will be. I’m concerned about priorities, consistency, and unlocking their natural love of learning.

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