5 Clues to Put Christ Back into Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner and I confess! I’ve been troubled to see what has become of Christmas these days…Yes, it’s true!

Are you overwhelmed & stressed before Christmas?
Is there just too much hustle & bustle before Christmas?
Do you run out of time during the Christmas season?
Do the days leading up to Christmas seem worthless to you?

How often do you find yourself saying:

I wish . . .
…I knew how to change our Christmas celebration so Christ is the center.
…I could actually enjoy the Christmas season, instead of being so stressed.

Not only do I want to keep Christ in Christmas, I hope to spread goodwill to you. I know that you might really struggle with Christmas and the days leading up to it.

In recent years the White House did not send Christmas cards wishing recipients a “Merry Christmas”. They hope you have a “happy holiday season”, instead.

In Massachusetts, the mayor of Somerville apologized for calling the party a “Christmas party” and reminded everyone it was simply a holiday party.

And in my own home town, the Office Depot clerk remarked on her headset they could not wish customers “Merry Christmas”. She went on to say, she could wish them “Happy Hanukah, Holiday, Kwanzaa” or whatever else!

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

When I look around me and see how empty and commercialized Christmas Celebrations have become, I realize I need to watch out for my own family Christmas celebrations. I may not be able to change the world, but I can add purpose & meaning to celebrating Christmas in my home. I can be sure to keep “Christ” in the center of my family’s Christmas, and so can you!

Here’s how…

If are overwhelmed, too busy, or trying to find time to focus on the real meaning of Advent & Christmas, I want to invite you to a free workshop called, 5 Clues to Put Christ Back into Christmas. This may be the most important online workshop you’ll watch this entire year!

Discover how to put Christ back into Christmas ... Jesus is the reason for the season

Monday, December 3, 2019
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Here’s just a small sampling of what I cover on this unique workshop…

  • How an ordinary family overcame the crass commercialism of America’s Christmas season
  • The 4 tips of reaching outside your family during the Christmas season.
  • The 3 steps to putting Christ and “His Story” into your Christmas celebration
  • Christmas around the world homeschool activities & ideas
  • The dangers of America’s current Christmas celebration
  • Symbols of Christmas & their Christian meaning
  • The biggest obstacles that stand between you and a meaningful Christmas season with your own kids
  • As many different ideas that I can squeeze into 60 minutes!

Don’t dilly-dally around or you’ll forget to reserve your seat and completely miss this workshop. Register right here…right now!

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Question: What’s your biggest challenge to put Christ back into Christmas? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I’m confused. Your email and blog post says the workshop was for Tuesday, Nov. 14th @ 3p or 9p but my confirmation email says Tuesday, Nov. 29th @ 8p. What happened?

  2. We like to do a advent devotional each evening as we count down to Christmas. We have done a few but our favorite so far has been Ann Voskamp’s. This is how we keep Christ in Christmas as a family.

  3. I was blessed to attend an amazing Advent workshop three years ago at my church with 100 other amazing mommies. We all shared tips, tricks and resources for how to put CHRIST first for the kiddos. I still pull out my resources from that event yearly. Getting rid of hard core academic curriculum to focus on daily advent activities and a simple 2 week unit study those weeks before Christmas has allowed us to breath and enjoy the season. I was too stressed to breath before I just let go and let us enjoy the celebration of the season.

    1. Katherine,
      I completely agree. With my own kids, I did not do school during December. Well, I did not do “traditional” school. We learned all through Advent and our activities. I’ll be sharing many of those on the workshop. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Since we try to focus on Christ as much as possible on a regular basis, Christmas is just more of an emphasis, but sometimes the busyness of everything can be a problem. Something that really helps is to NOT skip church services but go if you can, and go to the concerts that honor Christ and live nativities, etc.

    1. Great idea. I agree…to not skip regular church services. Helps keep focus on Christ which is what the season is about anyway

  5. Taking time to think about what we’re doing (not just about giving/getting gifts) and why we’re doing it (not just because everyone else is).

    1. Dorothy,
      This is so important. We live a “follow the crowd” society…even Christians. I also think it’s important that we talk to our kids about why we do what we do as a family…gives them a chance to start thinking critically.

  6. Looking forward to Advent devotional and helping my 5 year old learn how Christmas is about Christ. We are on a new journey and am excited to introduce him to new traditions!

    1. Love reading Scripture each day. It’s the very simple things like reading Scripture that can help us keep focus on Jesus

  7. My family puts Christ back into Christmas every year with a Jesse Tree. Beginning December 1st, we hang an ornament on our tree and read the corresponding scripture each day until December 25. The readings and ornaments begin with the prophecy in Isaiah 11:1 and end with Jesus’ birth. Please visit me on Etsy to see pictures of my ornaments (Pink Scissors Design on Etsy).

    1. The holidays can be very emotional for a wide variety of reasons. I pray that you are able to find “quiet” (if there is such a thing raising kids) and focus on Jesus each day…even 3 minutes to start the day.

  8. My biggest problem during the Christmas/Advent season is that I am very much a checklist person. I need things to happen in order and complete a task before I move on. My third child’s birthday is a week before Christmas. I have a hard time focusing on Christmas things until her birthday is over.

    1. Serena,
      I’m not walking in your shoes, but understand a bit. My son’s birthday is Dec 30. Since it’s after Christmas, we are able to focus more on Christ.But I want him to have a special birthday and there’s a lot activity leading up to it. Checklists…oh, no! They are helpful but can hold me captive at times. Over the years of raising my kids, God taught me to focus on relationships instead of projects. Not easy when I like to cross off things on my checklist. I will pray God gives you freedom from your checklist.

  9. We lost 2 family members last year around Christmas. My husband’s favorite Aunt the Sunday before Christmas Eve and my 42 year old son 13 days later in a Auto accident. Although the accident wasn’t his fault some things were said that were said to make people believe that it was his fault. I am having a hard time with the Holidays this year and it is not fair to my other 2 children.

    1. Jackie,
      I still pray for you every once in awhile…when it comes up on my prayer list. Although I can’t imagine one of my kids dying, I have watched my brother walk through the death of his 24 yo daughter a couple years ago. Holidays are difficult…so true! I will pray especially for this holiday season for you & your family.

  10. Kerry:

    Thank you for your prayers. Because we are Messianic Jews we will probably put emphasis on Chanukkah. We will have a quiet Christmas and Celebrate it as the Day we celebrate JESUS’ Birthday. We may give at least one present to each other but it will be more What can we give to Jesus to make him Happy on the day we celebrate HIS Birthday.


    1. Jackie,
      I think it’s awesome that you are Messianic Jews. What a heritage. Thanks for sharing how you will celebrate.

  11. I cant wsit to donthis, im finding christmss each yesr is becoming more snout gifts than christ. I oove celebrsting and decorating, baking but want god to be the centre of itm

  12. My biggest problem during Christmas is the pressure to buy gifts for everyone. I feel pressured into things instead of sitting back and relaxing.

    1. Georgia,
      You are not the only one. Many of my readers have said the same thing, especially the problem of relaxing and enjoying/celebrating Christmas. I hope you can join my workshop today.

  13. Time. Lack of finances when groceries and heat are needed. Helping the kids keep from getting sick. Keeping myself well. And obviously, I’m not great at reading questions because this is more than just one thing.

  14. Kerry thank you so much for the chance to win the Book on Christmas. The past 5 years have been to say the least hard. We have lost 6 people in our family, 4 if them to cancer. 2017 was the worse year for us in that we had 2 of the deaths to cancer and one was Dec. 23rd and on Dec. 29th we lost our oldest son who was going to work in a auto accident. It was at night but it wasn’t his fault. There was a lot of fake news going around about who was at fault and that made his death extra hard. We know where he is so we have no worries their. He was a man on fire for his Messiah. He worked in a small gas station and he would talk to everyone who came into the station and ask them “Do you know Yeshua Jesus my Messiah’? If they said yes he would have a praise fest right there at work. If they said no he would tell them “I can tell you how” If they said no he would leave them alone but the next time they came in he would ask the same question over and over again. Everyone said you could not be mad at him because he really believed what he was asking you. It was his great Aunt who died on Dec.23rd and he was devastated when she died of lung cancer (She actually had brown lung disease from working in a shirt factory all her life). I like to think she was at the heavenly gates ready to open them with Jesus when he went home.

  15. My biggest problem is busyness: trying to keep up with school, family, making the holidays special and memorable and focus on the one who is most important and made it all possible.

    1. I hope you were able to watch our workshop because I talked specifically about families feeling too busy and not able to find the time to focus on what’s most important.

  16. I’m confused about how to get the advent calendar. It said to click to get it, I scrolled, and never saw a spot to actually get it.


    Julie Bellante

    1. I’m so sorry for the confusion and my very late reply. It looks like you were able to add yourself. If you are not getting the emails, let me know.

  17. Hello Kerry, I am signed up for the (Putting Christ back in Christmas) workshop for today, but I was unable to download the cheat sheet. Will it be available when I log on to watch ?

    1. I’m sorry you had a hard time downloading the handout. The watch page has a link to it also so you should be able to get it there, as well.

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