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4th of July Recipes – Red, White, Blue Strawberries {Monday Meals}

Doesn’t everyone love chocolate covered strawberries?

This is a version of white chocolate strawberries – from easy 4th of July recipes.4th of July Recipes - Red, White, Blue Strawberries |

Easy to make… for all your kids. Enjoy!

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4th of July Recipes - melt

Melt white chocolate (or 3 squares candy bark). I used a mug so I could dip the strawberry all the way to the leaves. If you use a shallow dish, you’ll have to roll the strawberry in the melted candy.4th of July Recipes - Strawberries blue sugarDip tip of strawberry in blue sugar. I found it was better to roll the tip around the blue sugar. If I plunged the strawberry into blue sugar, it would move the white chocolate up too much.

4th of July Recipes & Crafts |

Makes a lovely platter to share…

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Question: What 4th of July snacks will you have on July 4th? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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