4th of July Crafts – Deco Mesh & Burlap Wreaths

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The past couple weekends, I’ve had fun creating 4th of July wreaths. These wreaths are so simple to make, even your kids can make them -one of our EASY 4th of July crafts – deco-mesh or burlap 4th of July wreaths.

4th of july crafts

The wreath I made for my own home is made with deco mesh. I used a 16” styrofoam wreath, as well as red, white, & blue deco mesh ribbon (6”). I also inserted pieces of silver ribbon to give the wreath a little pizazz.

I also made the same wreath for my mom, but used red, white & blue burlap. My mom’s home is more country than mine, so I thought this burlap wreath would fit her decor. I found a burlap ribbon that has red, white & blue stars printed on it. I inserted pieces of the star ribbon ti give a little personality.

4th of july crafts

Mom’s wreath is on a 12” styrofoam wreath, which was much better because rolls of burlap are shorter than deco mesh. Even though WalMart is not my favorite store, I bought my deco mesh, burlap and floral pins there. It was much cheaper than Hobby Lobby or Michaels, (even if it’s on sale)

Here’s how you can make this patriotic craft wreath in less than an hour.

Gather materials:

1 roll red deco mesh or burlap ribbon
1 roll white deco mesh or burlap ribbon
1 roll dark blue deco mesh or burlap ribbon
1 roll 1-3” ribbon (silver or printed burlap)
1 package of U-shaped floral pins
12” styrofoam wreath

 Get Started

  1.  Cover wreath with white deco mesh or burlap. I used white because I knew I would use more red on my wreath. You can cut the deco mesh or burlap into 2” strips and wrap the wreath. Pin at the beginning and end.
  2.  Cut deco mesh or burlap into 6-9” pieces. On the first wreath, I measured with a tape measure. On the 2nd wreath, I guessed at the length and it worked fine. I used the entire roll of red for each wreath. For white & blue rolls, start with 15 and cut more as needed.4th of July Crafts - Deco Mesh or Burlap Wreaths from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com
  3.  Roll each cut piece up and place a pin in the middle of your roll. Insert into wreath. Continue placing rolls around your styrofoam. Every once in awhile, place a white roll among red rolls to give it a look of the American flag. When you get 2/3 of the wreath covered in red & white, start placing blue & white rolls in your wreath.
  4. Cut 5-6″ strips of your ribbon. Insert pin mid-ways and place around your wreath to add pizazz.
  5.  You’re done…really! It’s that easy!

For patriotic fun try these notebooking pages

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