4 Criteria for Choosing My Young Living Sponsor

Another concern we have heard from you (our workshop attendees) is who should I choose us as your Young Living sponsor.

Your friend at church?
Your neighbor down the street?
Your facebook friend?
Dr Minke/Kerry Beck?

Let me share 4 ways I decide in this situation. (This is simply MY thought process)

 4 Criteria for Choosing My Young Living Sponsor

  1. Continued Expert EducationWho will continue to give me expert support on using essential oils in my family? Dr. Minke is willing to provide a monthly workshop or conference call for anyone who we sponsor. For those of you that might not know it, Dr. Minke speaks at Young Living events in the United States, Canada, Singapore, & other places. Can you believe he is willing to share his expertise with us?
  2. Faithfulness & SupportWho showed me the reasons why I should use Young Living? I had friends who would like me to use their Young Living link, but Dr. Minke & Kris Ann Martin showed me how & why I should use Essential Oils. Kris Ann used essential oils with me in October & introduced me to Dr. Minke. Of course, I would choose to be with Kris Ann & Dr. Minke. I wanted to support them. If they get paid from my purchases – Great!
  3. Help Pay Expenses for Future Workshops & ArticlesEven though I get free advice through a webinar or blog, I know it is not free to the person providing the information. I want to help them pay their expenses.

    Side Note:

    If you would like us to continue to provide FREE workshops & information, it would be helpful to have you as part of our YL family. Even though our workshops, activity guides & blog posts are free to you, they still cost us a lot of money. We have webinar expenses, hosting expenses, server expenses, email expenses, to name a few. When we sponsor you in YL, you allow us to pay those expenses and continue to provide free information for homeschoolers.

  4. Business AdviceNot everyone is interested in recouping your investment in Young Living products, but some of you are. Can your sponsor help you grow an income with Young Living, if you desire a side income? Do they have the experience with friendly marketing? For me, I’m excited because Dr. Minke & Kris Ann work with a lady who helps in this way. I’m also able to share my experiences in this area with other homeschoolers.

I’d love for you to join us in using Young Living right here: