Following Christ – Lessons I’m Learning

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Some of you know that several years ago we moved to Idaho. We believed God called us there so Steve could attend seminary.  At times we had great experiences, but at other times, I still wonder why God sent us to Idaho.

As I look at Abraham’s life, I see many similarities. I’m also encouraged to see that Abraham didn’t always know how God was working in his life, nor did he act according to faith in God. Let me share what I’ve seen and how it might encourage you.

He Went

When God called Abraham out of Ur, he went. He left without knowing where God was taking Him. . . at the age of 75 He was comfortable & settled in Ur. He trusted God.

He Wandered

But, he didn’t go straight to Canaan. He detoured through Haran and most of his life he wandered in the land God had promised.  He never settled down.

As he wandered, he built altars to God.

He Worshipped

He worshipped God wherever he was, even in the land of pagans.

He Waited

Finally, he waited to settle in the promised land.

Now, that’s a quick summary of Abraham’s life.  But, it reminds me of our journey to Idaho and how I’m still waiting to understand why we went to Idaho.  Let me explain.

Following Christ ~  lessons from

We Went

For a year, Steve & I prayed, asking God what direction He wanted us to take in our lives. We firmly believe that God was sending us to Idaho for seminary.  So, we went.

We lived in our home for 16 years and it was not an easy task to pull up “our tent” and move half-way across the country. We were comfortable in Texas, but we followed God and moved our family.

We Wandered (or wondered)

Once we arrived in Idaho, we were invited to many families’ homes.  It was like a honeymoon period. After a year the wandering (or wondering) began.  Although we did not wander physically, we wondered why God led us to Idaho.  Things weren’t as they seemed. We endured trials the next 3 years in our marriage, with our kids, at church.  It wasn’t easy, but we followed God and went where He led.

We Worshipped

Throughout our time in Idaho, we did worship. We saw a new way of worship. One that included confession and communion on a regular basis.  (Boy, do I miss this back here in Texas)

This was new to our family and beautiful to me. I still wish our church had a time of confession at the beginning of each worship service. I also wish we had communion whenever we gather as a body of believers (on a weekly basis instead of monthly basis).

Back in Idaho, God was teaching me more about Him and worshiping Him. I grew up in non-denominational churches where weekly communion was not as important. Communion was simply a memorial. As I worshiped in Idaho, I discovered that Communion is eating at the Lord’s Table, where He feeds His children.  Isn’t that the way Communion started?

We Waited

We had struggles in our marriage & our family while in Idaho.  Some of those struggles led to deeper relationships; some did not. During those struggles, I waited on God to solve our problems.  Waiting is not easy. Patience is not my strength. I want my problems to be solved instantly, but God has other plans. He wants me to grow in faith. So I learn to be patient as God worked in each of our lives.

I continue to wait to completely understand why God called us to Idaho. I’ll probably never know all the reasons, but I do know that God worked in our lives…during a low time… in so many ways.  He taught me about Himself in ways that I would never understand back in Texas.

Where has God led you?

Did you go?

Are you worshipping Him, in spite of your circumstances?

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  1. This is lovely. I recently attended a prayer conference and learned how interconnected prayer, scripture, and worship is. I always thought of worship as a way that opened us up to read our scripture and then pray. It was lovely to see and experience each ebbing and flowing in and out of each other.

    I was born, raised and have always lived in Alberta. Sometimes I wish that God would lead me somewhere warmer *winks*. He knows His plans for me and so I wait.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer. Let me know if you make it south…to warmer weather.

      I agree with you about the relationship between prayer, Scripture, worship & walking with God.

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