3 Simple Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

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The preschool years can be so much fun, but challenging too.

It can seem like they are never thankful for anything even though we work hard to teach them gratitude.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to add a little more gratitude practice into your homeschool preschool. One way we do that is with Thankful Straws.

Grab 4 straws of 4 different colors so you end up with 16 straws. On a piece of paper, color a circle for each color straw you have. Then assign one of the thankful topics below to each color.

  • Name a person you’re thankful for
  • Name a thing you’re thankful for
  • Name a place you’re thankful for

Then add the straws to a jar. Every morning in November, invite your child to draw a straw and use the color code of thankful topics to tell what they are thankful for.

So simple and a great way to practice gratitude throughout the year as well.

But not all of your Thanksgiving activities need to center around gratitude.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers


Alphabet Pie

You’ll need a pie plate and moveable letters.

Place the letters inside the pie plate and read the poem…

Tom Turkey likes to bake
Alphabet pie is his favorite to make
He adds some letters and makes their sounds
His pie is the best around
Now pick a letter from his pie
Then make the sound
Go ahead and give it a try

Invite your kiddo to do as the poem says until all the letters are gone.

Turkey Baster Races

This one is so much fun, even I spend hours playing with them.

Grab a turkey baster and a couple of feathers.

Start by showing your child how to use the turkey baster. It may take a little practice to learn how to squeeze it hard enough to make air come out.

Then give them a feather. Use the turkey baster to blast air on the feather to move it around.

We like to do feather races. We start at one end of the table and use the basters to move the feather to the other end. 

Pluck the Feathers

This is a great math activity.

Grab a colander, some feathers, and dice. Place the feathers in the holes of the colander. We use this as our turkey.

Up the challenge, by having your child roll the dice twice, add the two numbers together, then pull that many feathers.

For more fun preschool Thanksgiving activities, click the image below to download our Thanksgiving Preschool Unit Study.

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