3 Epiphany Traditions from our Family

Actually, I didn’t know what Epiphany was until our kids were older. Even so, we formed some family traditions that I’ve continued. We also had some Epiphany traditions that I didn’t even realize we were doing.

3 Epiphany Traditions & Feast of the Epiphany recipes from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

Christmas Thank You Notes

We used the time between Christmas & Epiphany to learn thankfulness.  Our kids wrote thank you notes for the gifts they received.  In this blog post, I give 5 steps to teaching your kids how to write thank you notes this year.

12 Days of Christmas
I wish I knew more about the 12 Days after Christmas, so I could use it as a time of teaching & sharing with my kids. Well, I’ll be sharing it with my grandkids. In our Christmas Celebrations, I share some ideas on gifts & activities for your 12 days of Christmas

italian feast of the epiphany - epiphany traditions & recipes from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

Feast of the Epiphany
We’ve had several feasts to celebrate Epiphany – the coming of the Wise Men. This year, I hope go have a feast with our families in El Salvador.  We will also have a service project for the kids, to remind them of the gifts the Wise Men gave to Jesus.

If you’re looking for other holiday family traditions, here are some of our family’s.

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