2023 Advent Calendar Countdown

free Christmas class

I remember when my kids were living at home and I’d sign up for every possible Christmas & Advent activity possible. I even used a calendar like an Advent Calendar Countdown 2023 to keep track of all our busyness.

2023 Advent Calendar Countdown with 25 daily email ideas to keep Christ in Christmas

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was setting us up for an explosion on Christmas Day. By then, we had not focused on Jesus. Instead we were busy doing activities that did not focus on the real meaning of Christmas…and I was headed to be stressed out at Christmas time.

Are you overwhelmed & stressed at Christmas?
Is there just too much hustle & bustle before Christmas?
Do you run out of time during the Christmas season?
Do the days leading up to Christmas seem worthless to you?

How often do you find yourself saying:

I wish . . .
…I knew how to change our Christmas celebration so Christ is the center.
…I could actually enjoy the Christmas season, instead of being so stressed.

Not only do I want to keep Christ in Christmas, I hope to spread goodwill to you. I know that you might really struggle with Christmas and the days leading up to it.

If are overwhelmed, too busy, or trying to find time to focus on the real meaning of Advent & Christmas, I want to invite you to grab my Advent Calendar 2022 Countdown for free.

2023 Advent Calendar Countdown with 25 daily email ideas to keep Christ in Christmasar-2019-countdown

How does the Advent Calendar 2023 Countdown work?

Kerry’s Advent Calendar 2023 Countdown sends you FREE daily emails, with ideas to add meaning to your family’s Christmas holiday traditions & activities. Don’t spend time yourself trying to research the best way to celebrate Advent, Christmas & the holidays.

Use Kerry’s free Advent Activities Calendar. You get one idea each day for the next 25 days! Just open your email and celebrate the history of Christ’s Advent.

Be sure to grab Kerry’s free gift to you … to help you put Christ back into Christmas right here:

Discover the meaning & get Advent activities for kids for all 4 weeks in Advent. You can also join our How to Homeschool Facebook group to get more ideas during December.

free Christmas class
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