First Sunday in Advent

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Today is the first Sunday in Advent. Did you light the 1st candle of your advent wreath today?

first sunday in advent


Do you even have an advent wreath?

If you’re shopping online you can get a wreath here. If you’re shopping in stores, head over to your local craft store with the weekly coupon for 40-50% off. That will be much cheaper and quicker than ordering online.

Advent week 1 is the candle of “Hope”.  Spend this week discussing hope from the Bible.

Where is your hope?
In whom is your hope?
What verses talk about our hope?
What does hope mean in the Bible? (Hint: it does not mean you wish something will happen)

My only hope at this time of my life is in Jesus Christ. I can actually say that is true because many others have let me down.

Free Advent Calendar for 1st Sunday in Advent

Many of you have received our Advent Countdown with 25 ideas for you to prepare your heart & your kids’ hearts for Christmas. If not somehow you missed the FREE Advent Calendar Countdown, click here and sign up for our 25 daily email ideas.

There are many ways to use advent calendars and advent wreaths to prepare your family for Christmas.  Start today – the first Sunday of Advent by reading Isaiah 40:31. Then, discuss hope from the Bible.

but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Finally, get out your advent calendar and open the first door. Be sure to choose one that works with your family’s priorities. In other words, make it, buy it or create it! Don’t feel guilty if you go buy one and use it.

first sunday in advent
Continual Advent Calendar

If you want to use an Advent calendar year after year, I recommend a wooden one like this one.  Click here to read more and get your own.

advent calendar you can use over & over

When you use one like this beautiful wooden box, you can change what’s inside the doors every year. Make it appropriate for your kids during that year.

If you have younger kids, they will enjoy this Christmas tree advent calendar. Again, you can add your own advent ideas to each piece, using it year after year.  If you want more info on this Christmas tree advent tree, click here.

Christmas tree advent wreath

If you want to make an Advent calendar, this is super-easy. All you need are 25 gift bags, twine and gift tags.


Gift Bag Advent Calendar {2 versions of Gift Bags}

  1. Buy 25 paper gift  bags in a variety of prints. Hang with clothespins on twine. Fill with treat or daily Advent activity to prepare for Christmas
  2. Use holiday fabric to sew up rectangles to make gift bags. Hang on twine with clothespins. Attach number. Mix up the numbers, if you like.NOTE: If you are going to have hot chocolate, include the hot chocolate mix in the bag. Or, include whatever you need for that daily activity.

Advent Pocket Calendar

Made from paper & fabric scraps, ribbon, ric-rac, stickers, die-cuts, chip board or any other “stuff” you have around the house. Inside each pocket include a tag with your daily Advent activity.

Mini Muffin Advent Calendar

You’ll need 2 mini muffin tins for this calendar. Punch 24 circles from kraft paper or a brown grocery bag. On the front of each circle print the numbers. On the back write the activity. Tie a festive ribbon on the top. Display on a picture frame holder.

Be sure to grab our Advent Calendar Countdown with 25 email ideas for you. It’s free for you when you enter your name & email below:

What are you using for an Advent calendar this year?

Discover the meaning & get Advent activities for kids for all 4 weeks in Advent

how to simplify your homeschool
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