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how to simplify your homeschool

When I was homeschooling, it was easy to get burned out and wonder if my kids were even learning anything. At the end of our 10 years of homeschooling, I found a great way to see my kids learn and help me avoid burnout.  Those are 2 reasons I truly love notebooking.   What are my other reasons for using  notebooking in your homeschool

We just started using Notebooking Pages this year and it has added so much ease to our history lessons. No longer do I have to wonder what they are learning ÔÇô they are showing me. They are proud of their pages and love looking back which works as a great way to review!! –Cindy

Discover 13 reasons you should use notebooking in your homeschool by clicking here

My Top 13 Reasons to use Notebooking in Your Homeschoool

  1. Notebooking develops a love of learning in your kids’ lives
  2. Notebooking allows your family to dig deeper into your studies
  3. Notebooking in your homeschool encourages critical & Biblical thinking so your kids truly learn “how to think”

    Thank you for providing such wonderful Bible oriented Notebooking Pages. I have used several of them with our Mystery of History Study. They are a blessing as I don’t have to sit and scour the internet for photos then try to make my own notebooking pages. No need to do that when you have many available right here on! Thank you and God Bless! –-Laura Williams in TN
  4. Notebooking simplifies your homeschool planning
  5. Notebooking gives you freedom to plan around your family priorities
  6. Notebooking helps you overcome burnout as a homeschool mom
  7. Notebooking gives you complete flexibility in your homeschool
  8. Notebooking allows you to find JOY with your kids
  9. Notebooking helps your kids overcome boredom
  10. Notebooking gives your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime
  11. Notebooking allows me to use Classical, Unit Studies & Charlotte Mason approaches to homeschool.

    We have really enjoyed using the freebie scientist notebooking pages this year. We are using Simply Charlotte Mason’s 106 Days of Creation study, and have found that many of the scientists in that study are included in the freebie pages here.I love that the notebooking pages are so nicely done – simple, professional, and classic. We’ve also enjoyed using a variety of the freebie science experiment pages to document our science activities. Great pages!! –Jennifer in NJ
  12. Notebooking helps my kids make decisions to eventually become future leaders
  13. Notebooking encourages your family to have fun learning.
Discover 13 reasons you should use notebooking in your homeschool by clicking here

We love the ease and fun that notebooking has added to our homeschool. I was unsure about how to get started but read through the getting started article that was sent to me and it made it so much easier. Thank you so much for the quality pages that you make available; even the free ones! ­čÖé –Julie in Ontario

I love all of the packages and options for notebooking topics. I wanted an alternative to using workbooks and more than found that in this website. –Sherri K.

If you’re like me, you’d like to dip your toe into the pond of notebooking before you commit to homeschooling.  One way you can test-drive homeschooling is by using these Free Notebooking Pages Sampler.

Or . . . . you might already know that you want to use notebooking in your homeschool to give your kids the most superb education possible. If that’s the case, grab your FREE Notebooking Pages.

Free Homeschool Resources (Notebooking Pages)

Time is a precious commodity to a homeschool parent. One of the things that made me hesitate going the notebooking route was the time I would need to put into it to create fun and meaningful pages. Notebooking Pages saved the day!These pages are simple to use and there are SO many to choose from. I am so thrilled I found Notebooking Pages. What a blessing! –Heather Harris

I wish I had Notebooking Pages when I homeschooled.  It would have simplified my life and helped my kids have the tools they needed to learn for a lifetime.

Question: Why would you use notebooking in your homeschool? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Love all the products despite my daughter having dysgraphia making writing anything a challenge. I have been able to pick and choose from many of the freebies that do work for her and have used them in several subjects. I especially like the science experiment freebie pages with boxes to draw in. Thanks for making them available. –Sharon in AZ

how to simplify your homeschool
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