100th Day of School Ideas {Weekend Links}

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Many of you will hit your 100 days of homeschooling shortly. My kids loved their 100th Day of School Party. So, I thought I’d share some 100th day of school ideas you might want to use with your own kids.

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100th day of school ideas
100 Days Activities – Free Packet
100th day of school ideas
Hoppy 100th Day – Snacks, Necklaces, Math, Headbands, Books, Writing
100th day of school ideas
Tons of ideas for 100th day of school
100th day of school ideas
I remember reading this with my kids almost 20 years ago…
100th day of school ideas
This is too cute…and educational
Math – 100 pennies = $1.00
Reading – Hundred starts with H
100th day of school ideas
100th Day of School Newspaper – Free Printable when you click on this image

32 Quick & Fun Activities to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

How to Homeschool My Child

Question: How do you celebrate 100 days of homeschool?
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