10 Fun Valentines Day Ideas for Young & Older Kids

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A few days ago I posted some family Valentines Day ideas. I want to continue that post with a few more fun Valentines Day ideas you can use this year.

fun valentines day ideas

1.  Fill their shoes with a sweet treat.  When it’s time to put on shoes, they’ll be thrilled to find Hershey’s Kisses with an “I love you form head to toe” note or small toy like Hot Wheels.  Then read or listen to I Love You from Head to Toe

I Love You From Head to Toe - read after you fill your child's shoe with Hershey's Kisses on Valentines Day ~ HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

2.  Decorate toddler’s room with hearts while child is sleeping.  When he wakes up, there will be a room full of love waiting.

3.  Make Valentine collage.  Cut out different size, shapes & colored hearts from construction paper.  Glue on cardstock and make card for grandparents.

4.  Bake heart shaped cookies.  Use this as a math lesson in your homeschool.  While measuring & mixing, tell your child the things you love & appreciate about them.

5. Make book of things your toddler loves.  Have child look through magazines to find & cut out pictures of what he/she likes (cars, animals, foods) Glue into “Things I Love” book.

6.  Enjoy a Valentine dinner of red foods.  Pasta with red sauce or pizza.  Drink cranberry juice & have strawberries & red jello for dessert.

7.  Create Love Treasure Hunt with prize at the end.  Use simple rhymes like “Roses are red, violets are blue, go to the kitchen, where there’s something for you.”

8.  Make shapes of candy hearts.  Don’t want your toddler eating all those surgary candy hearts?  Glue them to paper to form hearts, circles, squares, whatever shape you want.

9.  Give child a coupon book.  Include coupons like “Watch your favorite video”, “have a friend over for popcorn party”, “Go out for ice cream” or “Trip to zoo”

10.  Make trail of hearts to treat.  Put hearts on floor leading from bedroom to surprise like small toy or Rice Krispy treat.

Bonus Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

Daddy Daughter Dates – Take your daughters on a special date with Dad.

Heart Science Activities for Kids – Encourage a love of learning by using Valentine’s Day and hearts in your Science activities.

What else could you do as a family to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

fun valentines day ideas

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If you homeschool, use our heart Science activities for kids AND our Valentine’s Day Notebooking pages. Click the image below to get your pages. Lots for all ages.

What are some fun Valentines Day ideas you’ll enjoy with your family? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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