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Super Bowl or Football Dates Nights {Marriage on Mondays}

With the Super Bowl around the corner, why not plan a fun date night around football or the Super Bowl itself.  Here are several football dates nights.


In case you aren’t a football fan, grab one of these Girls Guide to Football.

Football 101
Gridiron Girls Guide to Football
A Girl’s Guide to Football 101: Common Rules & Penaltiessuper bowl & football dates nights from


Football Date Ideas

  1. Play Flag Football – as a family or with other couples
  2. Pizza & Football – Pick up a Hot & Ready pizza from Little Caesars.  Use the fun, free printable from Dating Divas
  3. Turn the Super Bowl into your own game – Sneak a kiss for every first down made…or score made.  It’s an Aggie tradition here in our town.
  4. Tailgate together before the Super Bowl.  Make some fun football snacks.
  5. Create your own pep rally before the big game.
  6. Ask your hubby to show you how to pass a football.  He’ll be excited to share something he loves.
  7. Football Movie Marathon – From now until Super Bowl, watch football movies after the kids go to bed.  My favorite is The Blind Side, a chick flick with football (date idea here).Steve’s favorite is Invincible (I like that one too).  Other football movies that are good include Remember the Titans and Friday Night Lights.  Or, pull out an oldie and watch Brian’s Song from the 70′s.penguin-eating-popcornREMEMBER:  Pop some popcorn!!!

Watch this blog for more ideas to use the Super Bowl in your homeschool.

How to Homeschool My Child

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