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Younger Adventurers Math Package

Younger Adventurers Math Package

Grab the Young Adventurers Package & Get 15% Off All Books

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“Math Is Fun with
Younger Adventurers Math Story Books!
Set of 7”

A Place for Zero

Math Concepts: Place Value, Multiplicative Identity, Additive Identity, Infinity

Equal Shmequal

Math Concepts: Ratios, Measurement

Once Upon a Dime

Math Concepts:  Scale Drawings, Ratio, Measurement

Sold! A Mathematics Adventure

Math Concepts:  Fibonacci Numbers, Multiplication, Patterns

Alice In Pastaland
(Includes FREE activity guide)

Cut Down to Size at High Noon

Math Concepts: Scale drawings, Ratios, Measurement

Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere

Math Concepts: Fibonacci numbers, Multiplication, Patterns

Math Concepts:  Basic Arithmatic, Number Concepts, Common Denominator

My Guarantee


“Younger Adventurers Math Package”
Set of 7 

YES! I want to have fun with math, using Charlesbridge’s Younger Adventurers Math Story Books for $47.30 – Save 15%. Please ship my order immediately!
I will receive:

  • A Place For Zero
  • Equal Shmequal
  • Once Upon A Dime
  • Sold! A Mathematics Adventure
  • Alice In Pastaland (Includes FREE activity guide)
  • Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere
  • Cut Down to Size at High Noon

I UNDERSTAND… that the Younger Adventurers Math Story Books comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price within thirty full days of the date on the invoice.

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