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Sir Cumference Math Story Book Series

Sir Cumference Math Story Book Series

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Sir Cumference Series

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Sir Cumference & the Dragon of Pi

Math Concepts: Geometry, Symmetry, Circumference, Pi, Measurement, Diameter, Radius

Sir Cumference & the First Round Table

Math Concepts: Geometry, Circumference, Diameter, Area of Rectangle, Parallelogram, Triangle, Circle

Sir Cumference & the Great Knight of Angleland

Math Concepts: Geometry, Angles, Measure Angle, Degree, Obtuse Angle, Acute Angle, Right Angle

Sir Cumference & the Sword in the Cone

Math Concepts:  Geometry, Geometric Solids, Edges, Points, Faces, Pyramid, Cube, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Cylinder, Cone, Vertex

Sir Cumference & the Isle of Immeter

Math Concepts:  Area & Perimeter of a Rectangle, Area & Circumference of a Circle, Using Straight Lines to Measure Curves

Sir Cumference & All the King’s Tens

Math Concepts:  Place Value, Estimation, Counting

Sir Cumference & The Viking Map

Math Concepts:  Geometry, Algebra, Plotting Coordinates, Story Elements, Problem/Solution

Sir Cumference & the Off the Charts Dessert

Math Concepts: Problem solving tactics, Data collection, Interpreting & reading graphs

Sir Cumference & the Roundabout Battle

Math Concepts: Rounding


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Sir Cumference Series
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  • Sir Cumference & The First Round Table
  • Sir Cumference & The Dragon of Pi
  • Sir Cumference & The Great Knight of Angleland
  • Sir Cumference & The Sword and the Cone
  • Sir Cumference & The Isle of Immeter
  • Sir Cumference & All The King’s Tens
  • Sir Cumference & The Viking Map
  • Sir Cumference & The Off The Charts Dessert
  • Sir Cumference & The Roundabout Battle

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