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A Place for Zero

A Place for Zero

“Math Is Fun with
A Place for Zero”

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A Place for Zero is a terrific way to teach children elementary math lessons.
Bring elementary math and geometry alive as you read about Zero in Digitaria.
Your children will actually remember the math lesson and concepts listed
above for each title.

Zero is lonely in Digitaria. He can’t play Addemup with the other numbers, because
he has nothing to add. What’s a digit to do?

Join Zero as he goes on a journey to discover his place. His quest takes him from
the mysterious workshop of Count INfinity to the palace of King Multipluss, where
Zero meets a stranger who looks surprisingly familiar.
A Place for Zero


Math Concepts

Place Value
Multiplicative Identity
Additive Identity



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A Place for Zero”

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  • A Place for Zero

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