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Truth in the Tinsel

Truth in the Tinsel

If you have young kids (preschool to young elementary), Truth in the Tinsel is one of a few Christmas activities for kids that puts emphasis on Christ.

What I Found

Truth in the Tinsel includes 24 days of Advent or Christmas Activities.  Each day consists of 5 parts

  1. The Clue – Picture & word clues to download, print & insert in your advent calendar
  2. The Scripture – Listen for the clue as you read the Scripture
  3. The Ornament – Simple crafts, Simple supplies
  4. The Talk – As you make your ornaments, discuss the Scripture &/or the clue
  5. More – Additional Scripture, Songs to download, DVD’s to find/watch, Fun & Easy activities…take them or leave them

I suggest downloading & printing Truth in the Tinsel.  Then, place it in a binder for easy access.  Look over the full supply list to see what items you might need to purchase.  Most supplies are items you have around your home, so don’t stress.

truth in the tinsel

11 Reasons I Like Truth in the Tinsel

  • Christ is Central – Each day you are focusing on an aspect of Christ’s birth.  Your kids will hear Scripture and discuss the “clue” as they make the ornament.
  • Simple to Use – These are really gussied up versions of previous ornaments the author made with her kids…SIMPLE!
  • Easy to Prepare – Once you have the supplies, all you need to do is pull out your binder & Bible. No intense preparation!
  • Full Supply List – One page that has all the supplies you need for all the ornaments.  Most are items you have around your home
  • Daily Supply List – Quick Reference Sheet that lists all 24 Clues and supplies you need for each day
  • One Page Daily Instructions – All 5 parts of your daily lesson are on one page, pictures included.
  • All 3 Learning Styles – Whether your kids are visual, auditory or tactile Truth in the Tinsel Ornamentslearners, they will have an opportunity to learn more about Christ coming to earth to save His people.  They will listen to Scripture (auditory), make an ornament (tactile & visual) and discuss the daily lesson (auditory).
  • Combines Advent Scripture Reading with FUN!
  • Alternate Schedules –  Want just the basics?  Follow that schedule.  Want to go by the book of the Bible?  Follow that schedule. What only prophecy?  Follow that schedule.  Want only the characters of the Bible?  Follow that schedule
  • Patterns & Templates for NON-Crafty Moms – All you have to do is download and print out the patterns for many of the ornament crafts
  • Spanish Version – That’s right. You can get this terrific resource in Spanish.

To get your ebook or the printable ornaments, click here.

OR…Make it SUPER-EASY … You can get the Printable Ornaments for only $5.  Just download & print.  Your kids do the rest.