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Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study

Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study

Our family loved hosting a Reformation party for several years.

Each family planned an activity centered on Reformation Day. There were games, art activities, music, drama … a wide variety of activities. As our kids grew older, they helped plan activities for the younger kids. Each family also brought a food dish to share. You’ll get my recipes in this set . . . ones I used to try and replicate what they ate at that time in history.

All our parties were at lunch time. Some times we met on Fridays, the end of our homeschooling week; other times we met on Sundays after church. Regardless of when you host your party, it will be a family party your kids will remember for years.

Reformation Day is right around the corner on October 31.  Have you ever considered what reformation day is all about?

It’s the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenburg Church door.  Whether you are protestant or not, this is a significant event in church history.

How can you study the Reformation?

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Reformation is a historical event that should be studied.

As a homeschool mom, you don’t have time to research one more historical event and plan fun activities for your kids.

No problem! Why not watch our Celebrating Reformation workshop? You’ll get more ideas than you can do this year for a unit study about the Reformation. I’ve done all the work for you. Just download and plan. You’ll also discover how to put on your own Reformation party. As you know, our family hosted a reformation party for 3-4 years and had a great time!

October 31st, 1517, was one of the turning-points in the history of the world. On that Halloween Day, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church, and with that deed the Protestant Reformation was born.

Celebrating Reformation Day with a party and lots of homeschool activities

What’s included in your Reformation Day Unit Study?

  • Celebrating Reformation Day Video Workshop (value $10)

    • How to throw a Reformation Day (or Night) Party
    • History of Reformation
    • Major Players of Reformation
    • Snippet biographies of reformers and their impact on history
    • Timeline of Reformation
    • History, Reading & Writing Activities about Reformation
    • Arts & Craft Ideas
    • Resources – Beck Family Favorites
    • Reformation Party Ideas
    • Reformation Party Games
    • Reformation Party Songs
    • Reformation Costumes
    • Reformation Recipes
  • Celebrating Reformation Day Workshop Slides (value $5)
  • Reformation Day Activity Guide & Printables (value $15)
    • Research activities
    • Writing & discussion topics
    • Copywork
    • Geography activities
    • Art activities
    • Science activities
    • Reformation party ideas
    • Reformation party recipes
  • Reformation Day Reading List (value $5)


Total Value is $35, but you get it at half this price at $14.97

And you don’t need to wait for this item to arrive in the mail. It will be delivered digitally and you can download everything you need instantly.


I highly recommend this Unit Study. With our money-back guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose. Grab your copy of “Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study”  below. You’ll be glad you did.

“Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study”

YES! I want to make learning history fun, using Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study for $14.97
I UNDERSTANDI will receive digital copies of :
  • Celebrating Reformation Day Video Workshop ($10)
  • Celebrating Reformation Day Slides ($5)
  • Reformation Day Activity Guide & Printables ($15)
  • Reformation Day Reading List ($5)

I UNDERSTAND… that Celebrating Reformation Day Unit Study comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, within   30 days of purchase.