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Doorposts Polished Cornerstones

Doorposts Polished Cornerstones

Raising daughters can be a challenging task! How will we ever teach them everything they need to know? Polished Cornerstones can help! This 497-page, spiral-bound book will help you focus on the skills and attitudes your daughters need to develop. (For a similar resource geared for boys, see Plants Grown Up.)

  • Polished Cornerstones offers hundreds of different ideas for Bible study projects, reading material, and practical, everyday activities to help prepare your daughters for godly womanhood (and to help them live godly lives as young women).
  • Polished Cornerstones is a tool that allows you to be flexible, picking and choosing from a variety of projects to meet each daughter’s unique needs.
  • Projects in each chapter are categorized for beginning, intermediate, and advanced age levels so you can start work in each area with very young girls, and continue to disciple your older daughters with more challenging assignments.
  • Each project is also labeled with the school subjects it relates to so that homeschoolers can incorporate projects into their academic school day.
  • Each chapter includes evaluation questions for parents and daughters. These help pinpoint weak areas, stimulate discussion, and lead to more specific prayer with and for your daughters.
  • Includes many charts and forms to encourage serious family and independent Bible study. Your daughter will learn how to be a student of the Word as she completes these projects.

Improvements to the new edition include: Doorposts Polished Cornerstones

  • Easier-to-read, updated text and layout
  • Easier-to assign projects (now divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
  • More help with choosing and planning projects, with sample lesson plans and step-by-step instructions
  • More projects for younger girls ages 4 through 9
  • Up-to-date recommendations for other character-building books and media
  • Insights from 12 more years of parenting experience (our daughter has her own daughter now!)

Reproducible forms mean that one copy of this book will serve for all  your daughters (and maybe even a few granddaughters!). A CD of PDF printable forms is included free when you order the book from Doorposts.


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Polished Cornerstones

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