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Character Training Package {Doorposts}

Character Training Package {Doorposts}

Character Training Package
from Doorposts Publishing

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Dear Homeschool Mom, Dad or Parent,

Do you need some help instilling Godly character in your kids?

Do you want Bible verses at your fingertips to use with your children?

Doorposts Character Training package has my favorite Godly character building tools ~ FREE shipping from

We have the perfect solution…”Character Training” Package with For Instruction in Righteousness, Polished Cornerstones, Plants Grown Up, Small Charts, Checklist for Parents & much more!

What’s included in the Parenting Essentials Package

Your family, church, or support group can receive a special discount when you order our discounted “Character Training Package.” This contains our most popular and helpful character-training tools to help you:

Establish Biblical standards for discipline
Follow God’s instructions for parents
Teach your children to resolve offenses in the way Jesus prescribed
Instill lasting, Godly character into your sons & daughters
Base your everyday discipline on God’s Word

Many parents (especially those new to homeschooling) aren’t aware of the parenting help that we offer! If you’re part of a homeschool support group, if you’re teaching a parenting class, or if you just want to use these for your own family and save, this discounted package gives you the best of our Biblical parenting resources at the greatest possible discount.

This discounted package (pictured above) gives you the most popular books and charts in Doorposts’ character training collection.n Chart

Let’s talk about For Instruction in Righteousness

We used this book for years as we taught our children what the Bible says about their actions. I highly recommend it.

This topical Bible for parents will help you use the Bible every time your children need instruction. Hundreds of Bible verses are organized according to 52 common types of misbehavior, along with numerous parenting ideas and suggestions.

Now in its 3rd edition, For Instruction in Righteousness has been updated and expanded after 18 years of faithful service. This new edition has over 50 pages added, with many chapters expanded as a result of additional parenting experience and Bible study.

This book was originally written for our own benefit, to help us fulfill the important duties Scripture requires of us as parents:

  • We must discipline our children when they disobey God’s standards
  • We must encourage our children when they obey
  • We must exhort our children daily, and restore them when they show repentance
  • We must warn unruly children of the consequences of their sin
  • We must direct our children to God’s Word for guidance
  • We must deliver appropriate consequences promptly and consistently
  • We must provide an example of God’s justice and mercy

For Instruction in Righteousness is a valuable tool that will help you, in specific ways, to fulfill each of these duties God has given us. Most chapters include each of the following sections:

  • What the Bible says will, or should, happen to a person who sins in this way, with ideas for discipline that parallel these Biblical consequences.
  • Instructions the Bible gives for repenting of this sin (newly added in this edition!)
  • What the Bible likens a person to when he indulges in this sin, and ideas for practical object lessons using these examples.
  • How God blesses the person who resists temptations to this sort of sin, with parallel ideas for “rewards” and encouragement when children show progress in overcoming this sin.
  • Stories and people in the Bible that illustrate obedience and disobedience in this area.
  • Fully quoted memory verses.

In addition to these 52 topical chapters, extra sections discuss:


Biblical Solutions!

Really wish I would have had this handy many years ago. Raising children in a christian home with a biblical view on everything isn’t easy and we can all use a helping hand to remind us where to look for answers…the bible!

Find biblical solutions very quickly. When your “in the moment”, just pull out this handy book. Other Doorpost materials have been a blessing too! Thank you for sharing and giving families tools to keep us focused on what is truly important.



Do you need a quick reference chart so you handle situations Biblically?

Do your want to teach your children Bible verses that apply to them?

We have the perfect solution…4 Charts Packet

If you want to be more consistent and Scripture-focused in your parenting, these Bible-based parenting charts will help you. Charts in this set will help you with consistent discipline, rewarding good behavior, encouraging diligence, and teaching your children to resolve disagreements in a godly manner.

If-Then Chart:

This chart is designed to help you be more consistent in disciplining your children. When they disobey, it will help you know what you need to do, and it will help them know what to expect. It has helped my husband and me to be more united in our authority and discipline. Our children have responded very well.

The chart is divided into 3 columns. The left-hand column lists common areas of misbehavior, each illustrated with a simple cartoon The center column gives a Bible verse related to each sin. The third column is blank, for you to write in the agreed-upon consequences for each misbehavior. The instructions offer suggestions, but you choose your own disciplinary actions. Our regular wall chart version includes pre-lettered consequences to paste onto your chart, and the small laminated version gives suggestions for writing in your own consequences with a permanent or wipe-off marker.

When a child misbehaves we take him to the chart, read the Scripture, and let him see what the discipline will be. Even our 2-year-old could understand this chart!

The chart helps you deal with the following issues:

  • Arguing/complaining/whining
  • Teasing/picking fights/causing trouble
  • Hitting/biting/kicking/throwing
  • Stealing toys, books, or other items from someone else
  • Lying
  • Defiance/rebellion against authority
  • Name calling/foolish or evil speech
  • Disobedience
  • Disrespect/rude behavior/poor manners
  • Irreverent behavior at church

The Blessing Chart

This is the fun one! The Blessing Chart is designed to help you acknowledge and reward godly attitudes and behavior.

The left-hand column lists good character qualities, with cartoon drawings (see example below). The center column quotes Scripture verses that tell how God blesses us when these qualities are present in our lives. The right-hand column is left blank, for you to write in agreed-upon rewards.

The chart instructions give many ideas for creative rewards that relate to God’s rewards in our lives. For example, under “peacemaking” one of the verses listed is Matthew 23:12, which says that “he who humbles himself will be exalted.” The instructions offer ideas for ways to “exalt” your peacemaker: a party or feast with the family, no chores for a day, a “Servant’s Day” when the family performs services for the “exalted” child, or flying a special name flag from your front porch.


God blesses us for our faithfulness and obedience. Use this chart to help you bless your children for their righteous behavior.

Brother Offended Chart

The one thing that probably wears me down more than anything else as a mother is bickering: petty arguments and their results. “Maaah-meeee, he hit me!” I used to feel like a referee!

I began to see that I was also encouraging my children to become gossips as they constantly reported their grievances to me.

We knew there had to be an answer! So we started digging into God’s Word. Here it is in a format that even a toddler (or adult) can understand!

Based totally on Scripture, this cartoon-illustrated chart-and-book set outlines:

9 steps for an offended person to follow

  • 5 steps to encourage the offender to confess and forsake his sin
  • 10 Scripture-based guidelines for parents when they must assume the role of judge in offenses.
  • Examples from lives in the Bible
  • What to do with a false witness
  • How to discipline a child who takes pleasure in getting another child in trouble

Includes a chart outlining steps for both parties, with Scripture and cartoon drawings, and a 28 page booklet giving further directions, ideas, and verses that apply. The booklet material can easily be incorporated into your family worship time.

Scripture can help bring peace to your home!

Go To The Ant Chart

This chart arms parents with Scripture for working with the easily distracted or “less than diligent” child. The chart covers every area of laziness we could think of, plus a Bible verse for each problem, for easy reference when they’re driving you crazy!

Take your child to the chart, identify his slothful action or attitude, read what God says about it, and pray for His strength to obey.

Topics covered include:

  • Serving God
  • Gratefulness
  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Perseverance
  • Obedience
  • Thoroughness
  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Consideration
  • Redeeming time.

What An Incredible 180!

What I wasn’t prepared for was just how well it would work and how it worked on my children’s hearts. It maintains consistency in discipline once the kids know the chart (YAY! thats a victory right there). They know what to expect and it reinforces that they know that they are not just being disciplined because mommy thinks it was wrong or because I am mad.

San Angelo

The Put On Chart

Doorpost’s “Put On Chart” and study book are designed to help your family “put on” the character qualities of God’s children. Based on Colossians 3:12 – 14, it will lead you in studying what the Bible says about:

  • CompassionDoorpost - put on chart
  • Kindness
  • Humility
  • Meekness
  • Patience
  • Forbearance
  • Forgiveness
  • Love

As your family works to put on these Christian qualities, the lesson book will help you study each specific quality in more detail. Eight lessons examine what Scripture says about each quality. Studies may
be read for family worship times, or as part of your regular school day.

The Put On Chart is a great visual illustration for kids that incorporates studying concepts from the Bible while having fun and growing in Godly character, plus you can learn and grow together as a family.

The Put On Chart Provides

  • Associates Behavior Qualities With Clothing – This helps younger children have a visual and object lessons on how they “put on” each quality
  • Companion Book – Allows you to learn about each behavior quality in more detail and use it as a Bible Study.
  • Paper Dolls Included – A boy and girl paper doll are included to make learning more fun for younger children. Along with the dolls there are pieces of clothing to put on the dolls when you discuss each behavior quality.

My suggestion is to use the “Put-On” Chart to help your kids put on Godly character.  Use the paper dolls as a hands-on activity to reinforce how God wants us to live.  You can search all over the internet, but I’ve already done the work for you. You don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee. Grab your copy of The Put On Chart below. You’ll be glad you did.

A Checklist for Parents

A series of 26 questions designed to help parents examine themselves in light of God’s Word. Questions cover 6 areas of parental responsibility: love, prayer, instruction, protection, provision, and example. Each question is followed by Scripture verses which explain what God requires of us as parents.

Be brave! Use this checklist to help you:

  • Evaluate your obedience to God’s instructions for parents
  • Pinpoint areas of weakness, sin, negligence, or laziness, with the intention of growing toward greater maturity.
  • Memorize Scripture that will equip you for your job as parent.
  • Discuss your relationship with your children.
  • Explain your responsibility to your children.
  • Pray for direction in your role as parent.
  • Prepare your teenagers for their future job as parents.

Scripture quotations are taken from the English Standard, King James, and New King James translations. 20 pages.

Plants Grown Up

One day we noticed that our boys were growing up on us. There was still lots more to teach them about becoming godly men!

We realized that we needed goals to aim for and a plan to help us reach those goals. Plants Grown Up is the result.

This 490-page, spiral-bound book offers hundreds of ideas for Bible study projects, reading material, and practical, everyday activities to help train your sons for godly manhood. (Polished Cornerstones contains similar material to use with your daughters.)

  • One copy of this book can be used with all your sons from the time they can memorize simple Bible verses until the day they each get married. (And then they can save it to use with your grandsons!)
  • Each chapter offers a variety of reading, writing, Bible study, and active projects for you to choose from for each of your unique sons.
  • Projects in each chapter are listed in order according to increased difficulty. Start work in each area with young boys, and continue to disciple your sons with increasingly more difficult assignments.
  • Each project is labeled with the school subject it relates to, enabling homeschoolers to easily incorporate projects into their regular school plans.
  • Evaluation questions at the end of each chapter help parents and sons pinpoint weaknesses, discuss areas of improvement, and pray specifically for spiritual growth.
  • Many reproducible charts and forms encourage serious Bible study and self-examination. A CD of printable PDF forms is included for free with the print book!

Improvements to the new edition include: Doorpost Plants Grown Up

  • Easier-to assign projects (now divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
  • More help with choosing and planning projects, with sample lesson plans and step-by-step instructions
  • Easier-to-read, updated text and layout
  • Lots more active projects for younger boys ages 4 through 7
  • Addresses new issues like computer and internet usage
  • Up-to-date recommendations for other character-building books and media
  • Insights from 15 more years of parenting experience (our sons are starting their own families now!)

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Plants Grown Up can help you raise your boys for God’s glory! It is also a great resource for boys’ club ministries, grandparents who want to be more involved with their grandchildren, and counselors seeking practical learning projects for boys.

Bible verses are quoted from the King James Version.

Polished Cornerstones

Raising daughters can be a challenging task! How will we ever teach them everything they need to know? Polished Cornerstones can help! This 497-page, spiral-bound book will help you focus on the skills and attitudes your daughters need to develop. (For a similar resource geared for boys, see Plants Grown Up.)

  •     Polished Cornerstones offers hundreds of different ideas for Bible study projects, reading material, and practical, everyday activities to help prepare your daughters for godly womanhood (and to help them live godly lives as young women).
  • Polished Cornerstones is a tool that allows you to be flexible, picking and choosing from a variety of projects to meet each daughter’s unique needs.
  • Projects in each chapter are categorized for beginning, intermediate, and advanced age levels so you can start work in each area with very young girls, and continue to disciple your older daughters with more challenging assignments.
  • Each project is also labeled with the school subjects it relates to so that homeschoolers can incorporate projects into their academic school day.
  • Each chapter includes evaluation questions for parents and daughters. These help pinpoint weak areas, stimulate discussion, and lead to more specific prayer with and for your daughters.
  • Includes many charts and forms to encourage serious family and independent Bible study. Your daughter will learn how to be a student of the Word as she completes these projects.

Improvements to the new edition include: Doorposts Polished Cornerstones

  •     Easier-to-read, updated text and layout
  • Easier-to assign projects (now divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
  • More help with choosing and planning projects, with sample lesson plans and step-by-step instructions
  • More projects for younger girls ages 4 through 9
  • Up-to-date recommendations for other character-building books and media
  • Insights from 12 more years of parenting experience (our daughter has her own daughter now!)

Reproducible forms mean that one copy of this book will serve for all  your daughters (and maybe even a few granddaughters!). A CD of PDF printable forms is included free when you order the book from Doorposts.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t fit your child, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!

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PERFECT ADDITION for all Christian homes.

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