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Priorities in Homeschooling

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This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Kaleidoscope  Homeschool Expo.  I was quickly reminded of how important it is for  homeschoolers to keep their priorities in line with God’s Word.

In my talk, “Start School Right”, I told the audience that I use the grid of  Scripture to make decisions in our homeschool.  Over the years, I realized that  my ultimate goal in homeschooling was for our kids to think Biblically &  critically. Godly character is also essential in raising our kids to be Godly  leaders.

Many of the moms in that room stopped by our booth to tell me they were  encouraged and reminded to keep their eyes on God’s priorities.

Sure, academics are important and a part of homeschooling, but Godly character  and using God’s Word are vital to our kids’ ability to live as adults.

As I concluded my talk, I shared a story about my daughter Gentry, who has been  applying for internships in the fall.

She had been turned down from a few of  them & I told her last week that God has something just right for her.  We had a  good conversation & I reminded her that I’m praying for her internship to be  just where God wants her. Even though it is disappointing, I think God is using  this time to work in her life.

Within 24 hours of our talk, she had 3 internship offers.

Gentry called me on Thursday night to tell me about the third offer and let me  know what she was thinking.  I tried very hard not to tell her what she should  do.

You know moms…they want to tell their kids exactly what they should do 🙂  If I told her what to do, she would not have the opportunity to think Biblically  & critically in this decision.

Gentry told me she was going to the Lazy B, our land that’s about 30 minutes  from town. She wanted to think & pray about what to do.  This was a really big  decision.

I was so encouraged because she wasn’t quick to choose the easiest offer.  She  wanted to “think” about this decision and pray about it.  That’s exactly what we  had strived to do in our homeschool.

Yes, I taught her math, reading, writing, but our primary emphasis, through His  power, was raising our children to godliness.

Where will your emphasis be this school year?
What are your long-term goals for your kids?
Do you give your kids time to think?

How to Homeschool My Child

ps.  Thought you might want to know…
Gentry decided to take the internship at Rice University because it will push  her out of her comfort zone and give her an opportunity to live away from her  home town.

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2 Responses to Priorities in Homeschooling

  1. Kyle McVay says:

    Hi Kerry, I was in this seminar and wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your talk. I just finished reading Teach your Child How to Think and frankly this comes closest to my thoughts on educating my kiddos. I even started a reading journal which is a wonderful idea because now instead of having ideas bouncing around in my head only to be lost in a pile of laundry, I now have them at my fingertips ready to implement. One issue we were having is with literature, my kiddo doesn’t like typical Literature guides (such as Progeny Press)with 5 kids I am in no position to read 4-6 books with her over a year! But we can certainly savor a book or two over the year and a little bit of Shakespeare (Lamb’s book). I still may come by for that cup of coffee you promised in your discussion! God Bless You! Kyle

    • Kerry Beck says:

      It was so nice to meet you last weekend. I’m glad “Teach Your Child How to Think with Mentoring” was helpful. I’d enjoy a cup of coffee. Give me a call when you have time.

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