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Teaching The Classics

Teaching The Classics

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“Did you know that all the elements of great literature are present in your second grader’s bedtime story? Did you know that he can learn to recognize them right now?”


Do you get tired of buying a new study guide for each and every piece of fiction? I know, I sure do. Do you avoid certain classics because you can’t find a study guide for that book? I’ve been there, too!


Teaching the Classics can help you get your child started on the classics.

Teaching the Classics is designed to teach parents the basics of literary interpretation and analysis, so they can pass these critical skills on to their students. This inspiring seminar presents a step-by-step program based on children’s books and juvenile literature which leaves parents and students prepared to excel in all things literary, from the appreciation of classic books to the AP English exam.

Because Teaching the Classics presents the fundamentals of literary interpretation from within the accessible world of children’s literature, even young student can easily identify the language of literary analysis. After mastering children’s stories, older students readily spot these fundamentals in more difficult works, enriching both their understanding of the literature and their appreciation for the author’s craftsmanship. Such full understanding enables advanced scholars to achieve the final goal of literary education: analyzing the ideas and world view of the author. Student capable of such close reading need not gear the AP English exam: they are prepared to master it!


IEW Teaching The ClassicsThis literature manual models the common elements of literature (context, structure, style), uses children’s literature as the best tool to recognize & evaluate elements (plot, context, settings,
character, theme) and shows how the Socratic method is the best way to guide your students through literature.

Each of the story elements is explained in the manual, but I’m sure the DVD goes into more detail. For each element, a  children’s literature selection is given to analyze that element. At this point a chart and Socratic questions are provided for the teacher. After the children’s literature activity, further explanation in analyzing adult literature is given. Now, you should be able to analyze any piece of literature for this element. A visual chart for each element and its relationship to the other elements is provided.

10 Reasons Why I Like Teaching the Classics:

Teaching the Classics includes helps in the following areas:

  • Preparing for Literary Analysis – context, literary structure & style, socratic method & list
  • Plot & Conflict
  • Setting
  • Character
  • Theme
  • Practicum – Casey at the Bat
  • Curriculum for Literature – Scope & Sequence, Daily Lesson Plans, Story Chart
  • Socratic List – Questions for any story – hundreds of questions
  • Reading List
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You can search all over the internet, but I’ve already done the work for you.  You don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee.  Grab your copy of Teaching The Classics below.  You’ll be glad you did.


IEW Teaching The Classics

Teaching the Classics

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I will receive:

  • Teaching the Classics DVD’s (set of 4)
  • Teaching the Classics workbook
  • Helps inside the manual on Preparing for Literary Analysis, a practicum, daily lesson plans, story chart, a socratic list of questions for any story and a reading list
  • FREE Shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Teaching the Classics comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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