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Speech Boot Camp – How to Write a Speech

Speech Boot Camp – How to Write a Speech

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“Discover How to Write a Speech &
How to Give a Speech”


Most students (and even adults!) are fearful of public speaking.  They don’t know how to write a speech or how to give a speech.


Teach your student to become an excellent communicator without feeling fearful of speaking in front of groups of people.

Youth can become powerful communicators when from adolescence they practice public speaking skills. Targeting students in grades 6–12 and showing actual footage of students’ speeches, this fast-paced public speaking course is presented on four DVDs with a downloadable e-book containing reproducible handouts for “trainees” and lesson plans with evaluation forms for the parent/facilitator. Lesson plans provide for either a four-day intensive or a eleven-week course.

Review by Andrew Pudewa:

Speech Boot Camp is our new video version of a short but powerful public speaking intensive course I have facilitated many times in my home town, mainly for students twelve and up as preparation for joining a competitive speech and debate club.

But even for students who do not continue with competition, confidence with public speaking is an essential skill, vital for those who would pursue a future in teaching, in leadership, in entrepreneurship, in freedomship.
IEW-How to Write A Speech Bootcamp Institute for Excellence in WritingAssuming no previous experience, I introduce in this “public speaking boot camp” the most important basic concepts for organizing and presenting a speech, give ample opportunity for practice, and teach students how to effectively critique and encourage each other.

The carefully edited DVDs include several sample speeches by students both experienced and novice, and the corresponding e-book contains all the handouts necessary to enjoy the class just as if you were in the room with us. Although it was presented live and recorded in four sessions over two weeks, we have provided teaching suggestions and additional activities that can make it a two-month course, ideal for either the family or the small group.

Long ago, the vital skill of speaking well, or “elocution,” was considered an essential part of every citizen’s basic education, enabling the average man or woman to not only reason soundly but to present ideas in a winsome, intelligent, persuasive way. Sadly the art of speaking well has faded as a required subject in most schools, but it should not be a missing element in our students’ formation.

WHY I LIKE Speech Boot Camp:

Speech Boot Camp is a concise course that you can do at home or in the classroom.

3 Reasons Why I Like Speech Boot Camp:

  • Downloadable Teacher & Student Manual – Print as many copies of the student manual as you need for your immediate family.
  • Economical – Everything you need to teach speech for $59. I spent over $100 for speech materials that I couldn’t even use.  This is well worth it.
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products?  That’s right!  You do NOT pay shipping.  It’s on us.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life.  You may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


We will all need to speak in public at some time.  Be sure you prepare your students by using IEW Speech Boot Camp. Grab your copy of Speech Boot Camp below.

If you do not wish to print and bind the Teacher’s materials by yourself, let us help print and bind the Teacher’s Notes & Trainee Materials for you. Get the printed and spiral-bound Teacher’s Notes & Trainee Materials here.

IEW-How to Write A Speech Bootcamp Institute for Excellence in Writing


YES! I want to help my student become an excellent communicator, using IEW’s Speech Boot Camp for $59 with free shipping.
I UNDERSTANDI will receive: 
  • Speech Boot Camp DVDs
  • Downloadable ebook for trainees
  • Lessons plans with evaluation forms (electronic)
  • FREE shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Speech Boot Camp comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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